World of Warships. The contest "Patch commander" -

World of Warships. The contest “Patch commander”

World of Warships. The contest “Patch commander”. With the 0.7.0 update in the game, insignia, Patches and Emblems.

We offer you to be creative and paint original ship’s patch. We with pleasure will consider all your works and will unlock the most interesting of them. And their authors will receive awards and recognition!

Patch — insignia on the sleeve in the form of sewn cloths. In World of Warships patch is a symbol on a background. To enter the contest you need to come up with exactly the symbol for the stripe.

The beginning of reception of works — February 28
Completion of reception of works — March 14

The objective of the contest:
Draw from scratch by hand or in the graphic editor a symbol for the stripe in the style of World of Warships.
Create a short name for the stripes (one or two words or a phrase).
Publish your work in the contest thread.
Save the source images to provide when needed.
Be sure to read the Regulation about realization of competitions.

Prizes for I–V places:
The implementation of the idea in the game + battleship Gascogne + slot + commander with 15 perks, 60 special signals.
The implementation of the idea in the game + battleship Alabama + slot + commander with 12 perks, 45 signals.
The implementation of the idea in the game + destroyer Kidd + slot + a commander with 10 perks, 35 special signals.
Destroyer Kidd + slot + a commander with 10 perks, 35 special signals.
Battleship Hood + slot + commander with 10 perks and skills , 15 special signals.

Additional prizes
The jury can be established additional, as well as incentive prizes:

Among the authors of works that satisfy the conditions of contest will be randomly awarded 20 mini-prize — large Christmas containers.
The resulting contest characters will be introduced to the game through the chain of combat missions.
All authors of works that meet the conditions of the contest will get access to the chain two weeks earlier than the other players.

Important conditions:
The interregional competition is held in all clusters, World of Warships at the same time.
Each participant can submit only one work in the same region. If you have accounts in different regions, you can send one work on the forum each of these regions. When placing two or more entries on the forum in one region will be considered first published.
The competition is held in two nominations: “Work of hands”, “working in the graphics editor”.
Work must be created exclusively for this competition and during the vote.
Taking part in the contest, each participant confirms that they have read and agreed to the terms of the contest, the rules of competition and the Rules of the forum.
The winners and spectraserv will occur in two stages: 1) pre-selection jury and 2) the audience voting for their favourite work in the forum World of Warships.
To vote for their favourite work of those on whose player’s account has at least 100 fights. Voting will create a separate issue.
The competition results will be published on our website in 12-14 days after the end of voting. Stay tuned.
The contest organizers reserve the right to adapt and modify the winning entry (graphics and text) at our discretion.
The organizers reserve the right to make their own decisions on all matters relating to the competition, and to resolve disputes in its sole discretion.
Rules of registration of competitive works:
What should be on the contest picture:
The symbol for the stripe. If you wish, you can use the background from the stripes that already exists in the game to make your character look more profitable.
Short title (one or two words or a phrase). The name of the stripe must not contain the names, nicknames, and other text materials that are copyrighted (for example, the name Batman is copyrighted, so it cannot be used).
Your nickname (apart from the stripe).
If your work is drawn by hand, scan or take a picture of it in good quality. Nickname and job title you can write on a sheet of paper and attach it to the work before you take a picture or scan it.
In the category “Work by hand” it is forbidden to use graphical editors (for adding labels). Use the editor is only allowed to change the picture size and svetogorskiy.
Recommended work size 1024 x 1024 points or more, the recommended formats are JPEG and PNG.
Working in the graphics editor, save the original file format .psd (in layers), if the work is done in a raster editor, or .eps .ai if vector. If necessary, we can request these materials.
The work must be published in the contest topic “Patch commander”. Use the instructions for posting images.
The tender must contain:
Your nickname.
The name of the category (“image editor” or “Work by hand”).
The name of your stripe (one or two words or a phrase).
Competitive image (with the symbol for the stripe, nazvanii and nickname), made from scratch by hand or in a graphics editor.
At least three pictures / screenshots of the process of performing work with your nickname.
The mechanics of evaluation of competition works:
The winners are determined in two stages:

The pre-selection jury. The jury will select 10-20 of the best works of the relevant regulations, based on evaluation criteria and conditions for possible implementation in the game. Since the number of works submitted in each of the two categories may be different, pre-selection may take a variety of works in different categories, for example, 15 in the category “Graphic editor” and 5 in the category “Work by hand”.
Vote for the best work on the forum. At each regional forum, a theme for a vote. Will be able to vote only those users accounts which they are going to play at least 100 battles.
The results of the vote six of the best patches from each region (three in each nomination) will be implemented after the necessary processing and adaptation.
Evaluation criteria:
The complexity and quality of execution of work.
The originality of the idea/work.
The conformity of the style of World of Warships.via

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