World of Warships. Update 0.7.11. Rule, Britannia!
22.11.2018 в 12:31

World of Warships. Update 0.7.11. Rule, Britannia! The 0.7.11 update is ready to be downloaded to the game servers. What's waiting for you? The third and final part of the Royal Navy event; A historical collection dedicated to the British destroyers; A new type of combat, which is a modified version of the "Royal Battle" format; The fourth season of Clan battles; "Wuthering Front" on three maps; Arsenal update and more!

The Royal Navy version of 0.7.11 will be the final stage of the British updates and meet you already familiar port "Dunkirk". You are waiting for the last three stages of the Royal Navy event. The rules remain the same: each stage will last a week. Each of you will be greeted by four directives, where you need to perform the specified number of tasks. For the completion of the stage, the directive or the task you will receive the corresponding awards, among which there may be game property, Guineas and New containers Royal Navy with elements of the collection, which we will describe just below. To access the following directive, you need to perform a number of tasks in the previous one, but not before the opening date. Tasks are performed simultaneously and in any number of fights, unless otherwise stated. Don't worry if something can't be done right away because all the directives are available for execution before the end of the stage. After completing all the stage directives you will be able to compete in the Hall of Fame for the best of the best! Royal Navy tasks can be accomplished in a battle that started before the take stock of the battle in the Hall of Fame. Results are summed up once a week. For the execution of each directive you will get one Guineas, which will give you the opportunity to purchase a premium destroyer VIII Cossack in the Arsenal, with the missing number of Guineas can be purchased in the premium store. The awards for joining the Hall of Fame remain the same: Collection "Royal Navy destroyers", the decoration of British updates, will tell the history of the British Navy in the XX century. Among the elements you will find emblems of ships, episodes of battles and operations, as well as schemes of camouflage. The collection consists of 16 elements, divided into 4 thematic sheets. You can get elements of the collection in two ways: from British containers for performing tasks in the Royal Navy event; From the daily containers if you have activated the subscription on the Collection tab after receiving the first item. For the collection of each sheet you will be able to set a second flag on the British destroyers, cruisers, battleships and ships of the Commonwealth. The reward for collecting the entire collection will serve as a permanent camouflage for VII Haida and VIII Lightning, as well as a special achievement. Camouflage characteristics:-10% of the cost of service of the ship after the battle; + 50% to the experience earned for the battle; – 3% of the visibility from the ships; + 4% to disperse projectiles of the enemy, leading fire on your ship. The missing items of the "Royal Navy destroyers" collection can be obtained by exchanging the available duplicates at the rate of 5 to 1. You can select the item you want to get for duplicates. And when you collect the collection, all remaining duplicates on your account will be exchanged for credits at the following rate: 1 duplicate = 15 000 credits. Twilight Fight We invite you to fight in a new type of battle, which is a modified version of the "Royal Battle" format. Fights will be held in 7×7 format on the map "Ray in the Dark". Players who have reached level 12 in the record list and above will get access to the mode. The main task is to destroy all rivals. But be careful: Skverna captures more and more territory, and the safe zone is constantly narrowed. Outside the safe area, ships lose combat capability points! You can take part in the battle on one of the eight ships of the "forces of darkness" familiar with "lobster" operations: Razorworm, Ghoul, Octopus, Leviathan, Scarab, Steel Rat, Varg and the powerful battleship "Rasputin"! With the beginning of the event you will be available only three of them-Ghoul, Octopus and Leviathan. From November 26th for the victory in the Twilight battle, you will be able to get the rest of the "Twilight" monsters. The task on the battleship "Rasputin" will be available at once! By the way, for the first victory on the battleship "Rasputin" you will get a special achievement! A nice addition will be a unique outfit for each ship. Restore fighting efficiency by inflicting damage on enemies and avoid dangerous situations by reducing your visibility. Help the Allies by giving them an extra charge of gear, or deploy your ship at 180 degrees at a time! And this is only part of the opportunity that gives you the twilight fight! With the release of 0.7.12 update, all special ships will be decommissioned from your accounts. With the details of the upcoming regime you can see in a special article that will be released tomorrow! The history of the Silver Spear archipelago awaits you there. Clan fights. Season North the fourth season of Clan battles begins. Fight, win and earn steel for Arsenal! Start: November 28. End: January 20. Game days: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Prime Time: 19:00 – 23:00 GMT from 28 November to 4 December, players who have played one battle in clan fights will be able to redistribute the commander's skills for free. Season "North" will meet you already established rules: Battles will be held on the ships of the level x; The format of fights-"7 by 7" With a limit of one battleship per command; Participation of aircraft carriers is not allowed; On the way to the pedestal you will be waiting for five leagues: Squall, Storm, storm, Typhoon and hurricane. The rating of all clans will be returned to the basic settings, but for the first fight played in each league in the season "sleeping Giant" (except for the League of Shkvala), the clan will receive 50 bonus points (maximum-200 points). Arsenal update in the new version from the category Royal Navy in Arsenal cleaned all positions except VIII Cossack. The sovereigns will be exchanged for loans at the rate of 1 to 25 000. The Guineas will be available for accumulation in the client until the end of the 0.7.12 version, after which they will be exchanged at the rate of 1 Ginea = 100 000 credits. In the update 0.7.11 in Arsenal you will have a new ship for steel-X Bourgogne for 30 000 steel. The Frenchman is equipped with three towers with four guns of 380 mm caliber. Despite the relatively small caliber, Bourgogne takes its own by means of equipment "acceleration of reloading of the main guns" and recharge time. Today, among the battleships X level on the base rate of fire Bourgogne second only to his compatriot-République, but has a relatively small margin of strength and a weak reservation in comparison with their classmates. The basic range of work of the PMK Linkor is 7.5 km, which will help in the battles at the near distance, and the anti-aircraft units force the enemy carrier to think several times before choosing a Frenchman for his goal. In addition, Bourgogne has a typical for French battleships "Forsazh" equipment, which allows you to develop speed in battle over 37 knots! In the Arsenal complete with the battleship you will wait for the commander with 3 skill points, slot and special permanent camouflage with bonuses:-3% to the visibility of the ships; + 4% to disperse the enemy shells, leading fire on your ship; – 50% to the cost of service of the ship after combat; + 20% credit for the battle; + 100% to experience for battle. "Thunder Front" in random battles in Operation Hermes, we experienced a new mechanics-"Wuthering Front", which affects events occurring on a certain area of the map. Mechanics received positive feedback, so it was decided to try it in random fights. The "Thunder Front" will only appear in 10 level battles on three maps: "North" ("Superiority") "Edge of Volcanoes" ("superiority") "Ice Islands" ("epicenter") no longer "cyclone" falls on these cards. In battles, where there is a "wuthering front", can participate only ships VIII-X levels. Depending on the terrain and weather, the visual appearance of the "Storm Front" will change — it may be raining, or there may be a snow storm. On the mini-map, the storm front zone is displayed in a gray circle. A special indicator will inform about approaching and entering the area of the "Storm Front". In the changing weather conditions of the ships decreases the visibility of both water and air: destroyers at 10%, other classes-20%. The review is reduced to 30 km, the time of increased visibility of the ship after the shot of the GC is reduced and returns to normal in 7 seconds instead of 20, and the maximum dispersion of ships in the area of the weather increases by 1.3 times. "Wuthering Front" does not affect the work of ship equipment. If there is a bad weather zone between the ships, a check for detection with the modifier on the visibility is taking place. However, this does not affect the third observer, whose Line of sight does not intersect the "Wuthering Front". The weather moves on the map from left to right and vice versa, but it can be fixed in the center of the map if the battle takes place in "epicenter" mode. Optimization of the match maker by numerous requests of players in the update 0.7.11 we continue to improve the performance of the match maker and improve the algorithm of team selection. The most noticeable change will affect the VIII-X level ships. In the battles of level 10, the average number of ships of VIII and IX level will decrease. Therefore, these ships will become more often in fights of the level. Game mechanics in the 0.7.11 update, the changes will affect the damage mechanics of the armor-piercing projectile, which eliminates the rare cases in which the large-caliber shells have caused excess damage to the destroyers. This happened when the projectile was falling into the armor of the destroyer at a sharp angle. The thickness of the given armour allowed to take off and inflict significant damage inside the hull of the ship. The standard damage that destroyers must receive when they hit their heavy shell is damage from through penetration. But because of the situations described above, this damage exceeds the value of "draught" and is about 1/3 of the maximum damage of the projectile. Thus, the destroyer, possessing and so small reserve of durability, can lose the most part of points combat capability with one hit. In the 0.7.11 version, we introduce a limit to the maximum damage received from the armor-piercing projectile by all destroyers except "Khabarovsk" and Harugumo. Loss of the combat capability of the ship from hitting the BB projectile caliber 280 mm and above will now not exceed 10% of the maximum possible damage to this projectile. Despite the fact that 10% seems a small value, such a hit will still cause significant damage to the destroyer. The change will not affect the Harugumo and Khabarovsk destroyers, as the damage they receive is now normal and decreasing the number will make these ships too strong. The innovation will affect the interaction of destroyers with ships with the GC caliber 280 mm and more. Now the latter will have to carefully approach the selection of the projectile depending on the game situation. In this case, at a short distance volley armor-piercing shells will still inflict significant damage to the destroyer, which will not allow without risks to carry out the attack at the minimum distance to reset the torpedoes. Changed the mechanics of the torpedo damage to the completely destroyed part of the ship. Now when hit in these areas the ship will be dealt a guaranteed damage equal to 10% of the maximum damage to the torpedo. This will avoid situations in the battle when the destroyer remained afloat after many hits torpedoes without damage due to the fact that he did not have points combat capability in this part of the ship. Of course, the above changes can affect the combat efficiency of the ships. We will closely monitor the statistics, and if due to these changes the effectiveness of any ships will change beyond the norm, be sure to take the necessary measures. Balance changes in the 0.7.11 update, the changes affect the battleships with the PMK tools that use armor-piercing shells. This type of shells will be replaced by fragmentation and explosive. German battleships Nassau, Kaiser, König, König Albert and Bayern pmk 150 mm Damage: 1 800; Chance of arson: 10%; Armor Penetration: 1/4 caliber. Italian battleship Giulio Cesare PMK 120 mm Damage: 1 700; Chance of arson: 7%; Armor Penetration: 1/6 caliber. Italian battleship Roma PMK 152 mm Damage: 2 100; Chance of arson: 7%; Armor Penetration: 1/6 caliber. British battleship Nelson PMK 152 mm: Damage: 2 150; Chance of arson: 9%; Armor Penetration: 1/6 caliber. Japanese battleships Izumo, Yamato and Musashi PMK 155 mm: Damage: 2 600; Chance of arson: 10%; Armor Penetration: 1/6 caliber. Japanese battleships Ishizuchi, Kawachi, Myogi, Fuso, Kongo, ARP Kongo, ARP Kirishima, ARP Haruna and ARP Hiei pmk 152 mm: Damage: 2 500; Chance of arson: 9%; Armor Penetration: 1/6 caliber. Japanese battleships Mutsu, Ashitaka, Nagato, Amagi and Kii PMK 140 mm: Damage: 2 400; Chance of arson: 10%; Armor Penetration: 1/6 caliber. Armour-piercing shells of PMK are very situational and effective only in rare cases. At the same time, the UF shells are more stable, ignite the enemy, are not ricocheted and effective against any class. The change is designed to increase the effectiveness of these ships in melee combat and allow for stable damage by the PMK. Japanese cruiser Chikuma of the CC shell damage reduced from 2 600 to 2 500; The chance of arson has been reduced from 13% to 9%; Reduced reloading time of the GC from 12 to 11.5. The changes lead the cruiser's projectile to the same parameters with similar guns. Because of the unification and deterioration of the projectile characteristics, the ship gets the acceleration of the main gear reloading. The 203-mm guns of the Japanese cruisers Furutaka, Aoba, Myoko, Mogami, Ibuki, Atago, ARP Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro, Southern Dragon, Eastern Dragon, ARP Nachi and ARP Takao receive an increase in accuracy similar to the accuracy of the Zao cruiser. The change highlights one of the main features of these ships-good damage with a volley at a relatively low rate of fire. To improve combat efficiency and bring them in line with classmates, Japanese cruisers receive the following improvements: Japanese cruisers Myoko, ARP Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro, Southern Dragon, Eastern Dragon, ARP Nachi increased speed Turning towers from 4 to 5 g/S. Japanese cruiser Ibuki reduced the reload time of the GC from 15 to 13.7. Japanese destroyers Hatsuharu, Fubuki, Shiratsuyu, Akatsuki, Kagero, Yūgumo, Shimakaze, Shinonome, Asashio, HSF Harekaze increased damage from the explosive projectile from 1 800 to 2 150; Increased the chance of arson from 7 to 9%. The possession of a large drop with a volley coupled with a good disguise will make the Japanese destroyers stronger at the moment of confrontation with ships with low strength, even if they surpass the Japanese by the power of the main guns. The American cruiser Buffalo reduced the reload time of the GC from 13 to 12. The cruiser showed a lag in statistics from its classmates. Changes increase its combat efficiency and lead to a balance. German cruisers Roon and Hindenburg increased the number of charges of equipment "repair team" from 2 (3) to 3 (4). A larger number of equipment charges will raise the average lifetime of the ships in battle, but they can be implemented mainly when using ships as ranged cruisers or a very neat game. British destroyer Cossack The following parameters have been improved to improve the combat effectiveness of the Destroyer: the acceleration of the torpedo unit from 96 to 66 was accelerated; The speed of rotation of towers from 10 to 20 GR/s is increased. The Soviet cruiser "Chapaev" updated the hull a towards a later modification of the ship. Removed the possibility of using the equipment "spotter fire", improved the composition of air defense. Changes will allow more comfortable to carry out fights on the base case at advancement to top modules. Soviet cruiser "Dmitry Donskoy" increased the firing sector of most towers of the main caliber, which will allow the ship to feel more comfortable in battle and to shoot from more acute angles. Pan-Asian destroyer Yueyang Pan-Asian destroyer Yueyang-a sturdy wagon with good camouflage and fire rate, as well as the ability to install equipment "search radar" (which allow effectively fight with classmates), small silhouette and Stealth torpedoes. We should not forget about the unique smoke veil, which hides the ship from the enemy most of the battle and allows more effectively to fight for control points and retreat in the event of an unsuccessful skirmish. All these factors allow the destroyer to significantly influence the outcome of the fight and statistically surpass their classmates. In this regard, we increase the cooldown of the main guns for 1 second (from 3 to 4) and torpedo vehicles for 20 seconds (from 136 to 156). These changes will minimally affect the unique features of the destroyer, but, at the same time, will bring his statistics on one level with classmates. In the 0.7.11 update, we standardize the booking of a bouley in some ships. Now they have a thickness no less than the lining of the bow or aft of the ship. The change will have no effect on the interaction with the fragmentation and fugasse shells and slightly increase the resistance to armor-piercing shells because of the ricochet. Insignia badges demonstrate your fighting skills and gaming experience. Earlier in World of Warships were only class and national emblems. The update 0.7.11 adds new: "Master of Rank Fights" and "Master of Clan fights". Both emblems show your skill and simulated experience in two competitive modes-rank and clan fights. "Master of Rank Fights" I – IV degree conditions of reception: I degree: to earn 30 unique stars in rank fights; II degree: Earn 70 unique stars in rank fights; III degree: Earn 140 unique stars in rank fights; IV degree: Earn 210 unique stars in rank fights. The unique star is the first star to win the battle. The star is not re-received. The stars received in the Raning sprint are not counted. "Master of Clan Fights" I-IV degree conditions of reception: I degree: to win in 90 fights in league "Buri" or subsequent leagues; II degree: Win 90 fights in the League of "Storm" or subsequent leagues; III degree: Win 90 fights in the league "typhoon" or subsequent league; IV degree: Win 90 fights in the Hurricane league. Higher-level emblems have more details and look more impressive. You can view all available logos in your profile, but you can install them only after you have completed specific conditions for each. Old achievements are not taken into account. With the release of the 0.7.11 update, all players will start the race for new emblems under the same conditions. Get the new emblems one of the first and show everyone the level of their skill! More about the difference marks you can read in a special article. The port "Zigungu" in the version of 0.7.11 is transformed by the port "Zipangu". The town, located at the foot of Mount Fuji, is covered with snow, immersed in the night and preparing for the New Year's meeting. From the sky falls a light snow, lying on the branches of trees and coastal ice. Added decorations and new sounds. Change operations in four operations — "Newport", "Nari", "Aegis" and "Kasatka", the composition of the participating ships was slightly changed: in operation "Newport" aircraft carriers Zuiho, Hiryu and Lexington were replaced by the ships Furutaka, Izumo and Baltimore, respectively; In Operation Nari, the enemy aircraft carrier Ranger replaced the battleship New York, and Lexington removed the ability to use the aircraft. Also in this operation ordered the appearance of enemy ships. Now the same ships will appear at a certain time; In operation "Aegis" all enemy aircraft carriers replaced by the battleships of Japan, and the Allied aircraft carrier replaced by Baltimore; In operation "Orca" all enemy aircraft carriers replaced by the battleships of Germany and Japan. The tasks and voice acting in the operations are aligned with these changes. Supply players who come into play from November 23 to December 6 will find the Black Friday supply in this section. For regular visits to the game you will receive the following awards: 3 camouflage "shadow"; 50 000 credits; 50 000 credits; 500 coal; 1 Standard container "Black Friday"; 50 000 credits; 5 Camouflage "shadow"; 500 coal; 50 doubloons; 2 standard Black Friday containers. The awards are only 10 and the supply is valid for 14 days. Thus, you will be able to skip 4 days of two weeks, but still collect all the rewards! The Black Friday supply will be available for players who have reached level 9 in the record list. Adding and editing Musashi and Kronstadt content starting with the 0.8.0 upgrade, the Musashi and Kronstadt ships of IX level will not be available for purchase for free experience and exchange for coal in the client. These ships are becoming very popular at their level; To avoid the excessive filling of the battles of the 9th level and to keep the diversity of teams at the proper level, it was decided indefinitely to remove the possibility of buying and exchanging these ships. To replace these ships already came French battleship IX level Jean Bart, and in the near future we are preparing to present another ship of the same level. We understand that the accumulation of resources on these ships is a lengthy process, so we warn you beforehand so that the interested players have the opportunity to put these ships in the port before the 0.8.0 update is released. All comers will be able to get Musashi and Kronstadt for about two months. Test ships for testing by developers, Supertesters and community of contributors added ships: Soviet cruiser VII level "Lazo"; Irian-level Pan-Asian cruiser VIII. The following ships are available for purchase in the game client: Admiral Graf Spee, Z-39, Hood, Texas, Sims, Indianapolis, Ishizuchi, Mutsu, Atago, Hunter, Dunkerque, Duca degli Abruzzi, Anshan. The following ships are not available for purchase in the game client: Prinz Eugen, Duke of York, Arizona, Katori, Kii, Aigle. Camouflage patterns become available for purchase permanent camouflage: IX Jutland – Royal Navy – 3% to the visibility from the ships; + 4% to disperse the enemy shells, leading fire on your ship; + 100% to experience for battle; – 20% to the cost of service of the ship after combat; Cost: 4 000 doubloons. X Daring – Royal Navy – 3% to the visibility from the ships; + 4% to disperse the enemy shells, leading fire on your ship; + 100% to experience for battle; – 50% to the cost of service of the ship after combat; + 20% credit for the battle; Cost: 5 000 doubloons. Badges, emblems and flags added "Mododel", "Alfa-Tester", "beta-tester" and "collector" (the last with the background), as well as the emblems of Mododelov, supertesters and collectors with 4 gradations. They will be credited within a week. Added the West Virginia ' 41 stripe. Added flag, stripe, camouflage and containers for WG Fest participants. Four ships have been added: Tirpitz B, Atago B, Asashio B, Massachusetts B. Vehicles stand out only by the color scheme of permanent camouflage and are completely identical in their characteristics to the original ships. Added consumable camouflage "shadow", dedicated to "Black Friday":-3% to the visibility of the ships; + 4% to disperse the enemy shells, leading fire on your ship; + 75% to experience for battle; + 150% to free experience for battle; + 100% to the commander's experience for the battle. Other events in connection with the end of the event, dedicated to Alexander Ovichkin, becomes inaccessible to obtain the achievement "poker". Kronstadt, Missouri and Musashi ships can now drop in supercontainers. Other corrections and improvements minor corrections of geometry and textures on ships: Nagato, Medea, Baltimore, Acasta, Le Terrible, Jutland, "Chapaev" (building B); The order of delivery of the tapes of hit is changed: "Through penetration", "got", "Not Proprobitie", "Ricochet"; When hit in the citadel of the ship now issued two tapes: "Hit" and "Citadel"; Optimized trees on all maps: Now they are loaded slightly faster; Removed delay in camera control when switching between ships in Porto; Added the display of the characteristics of the armour penetration for the fragmentation-explosive shells; Sims and Benson (enclosure C): The tarpaulin on the GC feed gun is no longer displayed as a surface with a 1 mm reservation. This change will not affect the combat efficiency of these ships; Fixed an incorrect icon of the unique upgrade on the Worcester cruiser; The "Doll" of the Hindenburg ship is aligned with its real model; Reduced base visibility of the Myogi ship from 16.6 to 15.1 km; Visibility after the shot of GK in the smoke from 14.5 to 13.1 km; Visibility from the aircraft from 10.7 to 9.23 km; Fixed the "new" token appearing on the "Create squad" menu if there is an unread news; The font in the free experience notification is replaced; Fixed a bug with a deck reservation over the battleship Jean Bart. Now the armor is 170 mm; Improved the icons of shells and bombs depending on their type. Now the substrate for each type displays its specificity; Fixed an issue where the client could not be started if the preferences. xml file is corrupt; Double-national Commander Alexander Ovechkin now has a voice-over depending on the nation of the ship; The mechanism of automatic scaling of the interface under large and small screens is improved; Fixed a bug in which the client was urgently closed after choosing the "Rank Battle" mode by a player who was a clan squad; Fixed a bug where a player could receive two rewards from "supply" in one day; Priority goal skill in operations is now taken into account not only ships that aim at the player, but also forts; Fixed a graphic artifact on the "Sea Aviation" patch; Fixed an issue where the voice message "need support from the air!" was lost without the allocation of the Union aircraft carrier for modification of "Dasha Perova" voice-overs; The message about repair of guns when trying to shoot from the destroyed weapon of the main caliber or to execute torpedoes from the destroyed torpedo apparatus is removed; Fixed textures for ships Fuso and Wakatake: Added holes for draining water during flooding; Fixed an issue where the display order filters were not saved in the carousel after the client was restarted; Fixed a bug where it was reported that the ship was in battle while trying to transplant the commander to a ship ready for battle in the squad; Fixed an incorrect icon when receiving free experience. Added in-game premium store. In the near future we will tell you more about it. Technical part recording fights the 0.7.11 version includes a player's battle record. In this way, the player in the/layouts folder will be kept record of the last 30 fights. The previous entries will be deleted. This will allow the player, when contacting the CPP, to provide more complete information on their application. You can change the limit on the number of recorded fights in the configuration files via the Maxreplaystosave configuration. Bug reports in the 0.7.10 update, we have implemented a system that creates a special report when a critical error occurs. All reports will be saved in the/portsfolder. With the release of 0.7.11 update, this report will be sent to the World of Warships development team and will provide complete information about the incident. via