World of Warships Modstation
06.12.2018 в 03:33

World of Warships Modstation. Program to install modifications of the game client World of Warships. Modifications help the game to maintain great popularity thanks to the ability to change it to their preferences in the case where standard functionality is not enough for maximum comfort. However, often the methods of installation of modifications and the process of ensuring the correct collaboration, can hardly be called simple. Many players have difficulties because they cannot install or configure the modifications correctly. In this case, players will be helped by the program to install the modifications-World of Warships modstation. System features: Support for installing modifications to the Steam game client. Multilingual: The interface is presented in English and Russian languages-you can change the language of the program interface at any time. No more need to look for updates for modifications, World of Warships modstation will do it yourself-every time you start Automatically checks for updates on the server if an update appears, it is downloaded; Protection against improper installation-when you start the program will detect the version of the game you have installed. Installation of actual modifications with the help of the program world of Warships Modstation is possible only for the current version of the game convenient graphic previews of mods-in World of Warships modstation each modification is represented by a picture preview. Detailed description of mods-we have tried to make for you a detailed description of sections and each submitted modification. Do not hesitate to offer the best descriptions for modifications-we will listen to them World of Warships modstation is not intended to work on test clients of the game; When you install new modifications, the previous files are deleted. This is required for correct installation and combination of modifications a huge number of mods to choose from-already now we present for you a huge number of modifications. In the near future, we will add new content, in order not to leave you without the usual and favorite fashion download files modifications of the game from the server right during the installation-this feature is not a novelty for you and it has proven itself with Positive side Dynamic update of the list of modifications taking into account the selected game play backlight of previously installed modifications in the group lists save user traffic-modifications that installed previously and do not require an update, are no longer downloaded each installation is important!!! All modifications installed with the help of this multipack are checked and do not contain any viruses or other malicious code. Game developers are not responsible for the stability of the modified game client. It is necessary to understand, that modifications are developed by players and for players, therefore can contain errors (the project team does everything possible to carry out preliminary check, but completely risk of occurrence of technical problems in The modification of the game client cannot be excluded). Please note: We do not guarantee compatibility of modifications with all configurations of the computer. via