World of Tanks. Fashion to version 1.0 -

World of Tanks. Fashion to version 1.0

World of Tanks. Fashion to version 1.0. Selection of the most fresh and popular cars are waiting for you in the materials prepared by experienced players RU-region. Download all the latest mods from the site WGMODS.NET

Modification to listen to the “tank” of radio waves Wargaming.FM in the client game World of Tanks! You are working around the clock for four channels with different music for every taste, entertainment and fun leading. Mod allows you to affect the airwaves: choose what song to spin more often and which less often. And most importantly: radio Wargaming.FM you can listen not only in the Hangar, but in the battle — and as you know, good music to win easier!
The following application (service) is a product of third parties unrelated to the company and is absolutely free. Under no circumstances will the company is not responsible for the legality of the application (service) and does not cover damages caused by use or inability to use.

Currently installing modifications can affect the efficiency of the Training ground. If you want to try it, start the client in safe mode with the launcher.

The XVM mod is a comprehensive mod that allows you to change the game interface: the markers above the tanks, tank carousel in the Hangar, the panel damage, the list of players, minimap and much more.
This modification comes in many popular modpaki.

Config Tuner
We made a special program that will improve the game performance on minimum settings. It’s called Tuner Config and let you further reduce the image quality by increasing the game performance, if it not allow you to run with acceptable framerate on minimum settings.

A compilation of mods from famous players:


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