Warface. Gold Cannon in direct sale
17.01.2019 в 12:26

Warface. Gold cannon in direct sale. Take the opportunity to get a cool cannon forever! Gold Cannons FN SCAR ‐ H, Mossberg 500 Custom, ACR CQB, Bushmaster BA50 and their usual versions have become available in direct sale. In addition to the luxurious appearance, the gold versions of the guns are characterized by elevated characteristics, and also allow you to get a unique stripe. Please note: In the January update, FN SCAR ‐ H and Mossberg 500 Custom have been improved. Read more.

Gold cannon in direct sale!

We remind you that you can get special achievements for killing enemies with these cannons!

Achievements for FN SCAR ‐ H
Stormtroopers, who will be able to destroy with the usual or gold version of FN SCAR ‐ H 10 000 opponents, will be the owners of a unique achievement "special Forces I", and those who manage to kill 25 000 enemies, will get the achievement of "Special Forces II". The killing of 999 enemies from the gold version of the rifle will be rewarded with the "power of Ambition" stripe.


Achievements for MOSSBERG 500 CUSTOM
If you are able to destroy 10 000 enemies from Mossberg 500 Custom, you will be rewarded with achievements "weighty argument", and for 25 000 murders-the achievement "weighty argument Ⅱ".


Achievements for ACR CQB
Brave engineers, who will be able to neutralize 10 000 and 25 000 enemies from the usual or gold model ACR CQB, will be owners of icons "Siege of Masada I" and "Siege of Masada Ⅱ", and those who manage to destroy 999 enemies from the Golden ACR CQB, will get a gold stripe " Superpredator ".


Achievements for BUSHMASTER BA50
Players who hit 10 000 and 25 000 enemies will receive the "Heavy Artillery I" and "heavy artillery II" achievements, while neutralizing 999 opponents from the gold version of the rifle, "the Burning Flame".

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