Warface. January update [January 17]
18.01.2019 в 01:39

Warface. January update [January 17]. The Warface combat servers have been upgraded to another update. You are waiting for the change of a number of guns, the map "pagoda" for the mode "Meat grinder", a new shotgun SAP6 and much more. Hurry to evaluate the novelties!

New map "Pagoda"

The "Meat grinder" mode was supplemented with a new map-"pagoda". The action will unfold on an island in the Pacific Ocean-similar to the one you could already visit during the special operation "Sunrise".

"Pagoda" perfectly combines the atmospheric visual component and "meat" gameplay. You will certainly be able to implement the map favorite style of the game and get maximum impressions. The game card is divided into three main areas:

  • House at the waterfall;
  • Road
  • Sanctuary.

The stormtroopers are best suited to the position of the sanctuary and in the spacious courtyard of the house at the waterfall, engineers and medics will be able to dominate inside buildings and narrow courtyards, and snipers should take positions at the edges of the map, which offers a great overview on the battlefield. One of the features of the pagoda is the water channel that crosses the entire map. In it you will be able to hide from the enemy in case of persecution, reload weapons and ambush. When creating a new map, the same Asian setting was used as in the special operation "Vohod". However, due to the features of the PvP mode, the objects on the location were picked up and redesigned so that the "readability" of the players on the ground did not have problems. Read more.

Shotgun SAP6

In the game appeared pump Shotgun SAP6. It has filled the legendary branch of suppliers: Now in it the medic has two cannons to choose from, as in other classes. The main competitors SAP6-MAG-7 and Fabarm STF 12 Compact, the most close to the tempo of shooting, accuracy and capacity of the store.

SAP6 in Warface is a pump-like shotgun that uses stores to speed up recharge. Good rate of fire and high damage make SAP6 one of the best shotguns in the game.

In addition, like other weapons of the legendary branch, SAP6 is equipped with a unique module-1.3 x-fold collimatator C-More bright red color, which guarantees a quick transition to the aiming mode and increased accuracy of shooting. Read more. To become the owner of SAP6 you can after its opening in the legendary branch of suppliers, but now it is available in the bonus program.

Replenishment of the "Yakuza" Weapon-series

The series received novelties for each class: Hcar, MAG ‐ 7, CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1, Remington MSR, M1911A1 and butterfly knife. In addition, there were also camouflage in the same style to the usual guns.


Not without achievements! For the killing of 15 000 enemies with the help of weapons "yakuza" you will get unique stripes! Read more.

We will tell you about the method of getting these guns separately, but now they are available in the bonus program.

Improvement of a number of guns

Eleven cannons of different classes were improved: FN SCAR ‐ H, FN F2000, Type 97, Golden Fabarm XLR5 Prestige, Mossberg 500 custom, h&k MP5A5 custom, Honey Badger, Golden Honey Badger, pp-2000, PM ‐ 84 Glauberyt Custom and M14 Crazy Horse. Read more.

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Golden FN SCAR ‐ H

Golden Fabarm XLR5 Prestige

Mossberg 500 Custom

FN F2000

Type 97

H&K MP5A5 Custom

Honey Badger

Golden Honey Badger


PM ‐ 84 Glauberyt Custom

M14 Crazy Horse

Golden M14 Crazy Horse

Other changes

  • Special operation "Voskhod":
    • Increased awards for passing (Warbaksy, experience of the character, experience of suppliers);
    • The requirements for the time of passing and the number of murders to obtain crowns are optimized.
  • New Year's game content has been disabled:
    • New Year items left the store;
    • A classical music theme is included;
    • Included classic design of the main menu of the game;
    • Returned classic cards instead of their New year versions;
    • The usual bonuses for entering the game are returned.
  • "Royal Battle": Map "Mojave" replaced by the map "exclusion zone".
  • The camouflage of the first part of the series "Yakuza" became available for purchase in the warehouse in the menu "camouflage" of the respective guns.
  • Now in observer mode, the Warface and Blackwood commands are highlighted in blue and red respectively, regardless of the spectator's side. In this case, the outlines of players both Allied and enemy teams are always visible. Note: The game introduces a prototype system that continues to improve, and over time the developers plan to eliminate the existing shortcomings.
  • Increased the cost of "signs of return" for crowns.
  • Now in the boxes for the rise of the rank "signs of return" replaced by crowns, the number of which depends on the rank of the player.
  • Minor localization edits have been made.
  • In RM added additional check of allowed items in case of reconnection of the player to the match.
  • Changed the visual effects of hitting cyber enemies, such as the 2.0.
  • Improved synchronization of the visual and actual direction of the weapon barrel in the AI-controlled opponents. Especially noticeable it will be when using the enemy weapons with laser target designator.

Corrected errors


  • Fixed an issue where opponents could appear on the minimap during the whole round in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could reconnect to RM with prohibited equipment.
  • Fixed a bug where a large ammo pack was not available in the game.


  • Gepard GM6 Lynx K.I.W.I.: Fixed an issue where Schmidt & Bender v2 (4.6-Krat) was not used camouflage K.I.W.I.
  • Fixed a bug that made the "Stormtrooper" icon appear in the game store for some of the "Sweeney-Klaus" series of guns instead of the corresponding class icons.
  • Fixed a bug where some of the guns in the game had an incorrect ammo.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Warrior path" achievement counter did not count the killing of the yakuza katana.


  • Fixed a bug where the countdown timer before the start of a round did not work correctly in a game-based mode.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect display of player's lock time for early exit from combat.


  • Special operation "Voskhod":
    • Act 1: Fixed an issue where players could get stuck at a certain point on the map;
    • Act 1: Fixed an issue where reactive fighters were stuck in the air after arriving at a certain point in the map;
    • Act 2: Fixed an issue where enemies could be blocked by a portable energy shield at the exit of the hangar.
    • Act 2: Fixed an issue where a container with a portable energy shield lacked a collision model;
    • Act 2: Fixed an issue where the C4 model remained in the air if the player interrupted the bomb installation;
    • Fixed a bug in which the lost team members did not come alive after the "checkpoint" was reached by a live player during a special operation at the "ProFi" difficulty level;
    • Fixed an issue where a black stripe was displayed in the final cutscene in the upper left corner of the screen;
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused objects to display incorrectly depending on the distance to the player;
    • Fixed bug that affected the performance of the game client after the special operation and subsequent change of mode to PVP;
    • Fixed an issue where the energy Shield transfer animation was not working correctly.


  • Fixed a bug where spawn marks were not removed from luck boxes with Saiga Spike and Taurus Judge.

Known bugs

  • In case of creation of a game room less than for 16 players on superfluous slots the icon in the form of a lock is not displayed.
  • Special operation "Sunrise": the player's character on the screen of post-match statistics can be without weapons.

To successfully log into the game, make sure that the game client is updated to the actual version of January 17, 2019. The update is downloaded when you start Warface automatically. Make sure that the download and installation of the data are not blocked by the anti-virus software. via