02.03.2018 в 09:38

Warface. WEEKLY COMPETITIONS DAILY CUP. Announce the launch of a weekly events Daily Cup. Anyone can take part in the championship, to compete for the nice prizes, but also to practice in anticipation of the new big tournaments!

The competitions will be held weekly in the evenings on weekdays. They will be held separately on each of the three game servers: “alpha”, “Bravo” and “Charlie” — one tournament a week. The battles will be attended by 64 teams from each server. The schedule will be announced in the tournament Warface group in social network “Vkontakte”. Be sure to sign up!

The first matches will begin next week.
Championship will take place in 6 rounds. Each round is played in Best of 1 (until first victory).
You will be offered the battle in one of three modes: “Undermining”, “Capture” or “Blitz”. The mode of each individual championship will be known at the registration stage.
Allowed to use any weapons and equipment.
Your team must consist of at least 5 members who have reached 26th rank. Allow the addition of 2 spare.
Battle Daily Cup will be taken into account in the framework of the tasks of the current program “Invite a friend”.
Be sure to read the tournament regulations.
The strongest teams of each game servers for the week will be rewarded with credits:
1st place — 1,500 credits for the team;
2nd place — 1000 credits per team;
3-4th places — 500 credits per team.
And each participant of the tournament, got to the 1/4 stage of the Cup will receive a box, from which fall one premium weapon camo!

Captains will be able to create a room to play a match and upload the results on the tournament service.
In this tournament each round will be shown a map, which should be played this round (paragraph 10.5 of the rules).
You will be able to appeal to the email address [email protected] Protests concerning violation of paragraphs 3.2 and 3.3 of the regulations, will be processed on the next working day. All other protests will be dealt with in the same day.
All necessary instructions will come in an hour before the tournament on e-mail, which said the captain of the team in your profile esports.mail.ru.

Frequently asked questions
In: the Game will be held on the tournament server?
A: No, the games will be held on the main servers: “alpha”, “Bravo”, “Charlie”.

Q: Can you play with any weapon and gear?
A: Yes, absolutely any.

In: Daily Victory in the Cup will offset job program “Invite a friend”?
A: Yes, go.

Q: What are the restrictions for participants?
A: the Only restriction is you have to have a soldier of the 26th rank on the server which hosts your matches.

Q: What are the limitations for the team?
About: the Team must consist of minimum 5 players. Allowed to have 2 spare.

In Spare, too, will get the reward?
A: Yes, the prize credits will be split evenly between all participants, and the box with the camouflage appears on the page “My items”.

Q: How to file a protest?
About: the Protest will be sent to the email address [email protected]

Q: I have entered the wrong character name on the website esports.mail.ru. How to change it?
About: How to change nick described here.