Warface. Return your friend to the system and get the rewards!
20.11.2018 в 11:18

Warface. Return your friend to the system and get the rewards! What if you dream to share the joy of victories with old comrades and collect the best squad in history, but some friends have not come to the game for a long time? There is a solution! We remind you: The program "Return to Work", using which, you and your friends will receive pleasant gifts. Return to build program now all active players have a special program "return to Operation". With it, you can return a friend who has not been in Warface for a long time. How to do it? You have two ways. Send invitations to players from your friends list. You can do it on a special page. The invitation will come to a friend in the form of a letter to the mail specified during registration. The letter will reflect your name and the list of bonuses that the player will receive when returning to the system. Share the link directly. For example, send it through social networks. A friend must log on to the site, use your invitation, and then enter the game. In this case, he will receive a set of bonuses-gifts appear in the game for 15 minutes. Set of combat equipment for all classes for 10 days. Machine gun м60e4 for 10 days VIP-Accelerator for 3 days. The invitation is valid for 15 days. If during this time the fighter does not go to the game, the prize will "burn Down". If your friend has successfully returned to the system, you will also receive a reward: a full set of elite equipment for 1 day, as well as APS and VIP-Accelerator for 3 days. Joint quests after a friend has returned to the game, you can start to perform joint tasks. They are divided into two chains: PvP and PvE. Tasks within the chains must be performed sequentially. For completing each task together with the returning fighter you both are waiting for the awards: Warbucks, crowns and consumables. These quests can be performed unlimited number of times, but only with different friends. After completing each task we recommend to go to the game to update the information on the site. For all quests you can get a special reward: the appearance of COS and a unique achievement! Frequently asked Questions Q: How do I return a friend? A: Choose a friend from the list and click "Return to System". In this case a friend will receive a notification to the email address. You can also send a direct link to a friend. In: Which players can I return to the system? A: You can return any player who: has a character at least 3rd rank; had no serious violations; is not currently blocked; Has not been returned to the system before; Does not currently play on other accounts; Authorized on the site; and has not appeared in the game for a long time. In: Why can't I return a player? A: It probably does not meet the conditions specified above. In: A friend matches the conditions listed above but does not appear in the Friends for return list. Why? A: It may not be your friend in the game or have an email address on your gaming account. The exit is simple-send a direct link to your friend. H: Can I return only in-game friends? A: Using the direct link, you can return any player to the system. Even if he wasn't your friend inside the game. In: One person can be on the lists of different players? A: Yes, maybe. If a player has already been invited to return, others will be temporarily blocked from sending the request. Only one person, whose invitation was accepted by the departed, can return the player and receive the rewards. However, if a friend has disappeared from the list, you can still send him a direct link. And if a friend uses it-your gift! In: Are there any restrictions on the number of invitations you send? A: A person can only be invited once. T. E. If the fighter has already sent a letter requesting a return, other players will not be able to return it. If the invitation is not accepted, it "Burns" after 15 days: After this period it is possible to send new invitations only by direct link. In: A friend can enter the game at any time after sending my invitation? A: Yes, but not later than 15 days. Otherwise you will not receive gifts and will not be able to perform joint tasks. If the friend did not get on time-send him a direct link to return to the game. In: My friend came into the game. Is there a time period during which we have to perform common tasks? A: No, you can do the job without rushing. In: How many friends can I return? A: As much as you want. In: Can I go through the quests an unlimited number of times? A: Yes, but with different friends. In: Is the job counted instantly? A: No, the job can be counted within a few hours after it is completed. In: Why is the information on the site updated so long? A: To get the information on the site updated faster, try to move into the game. In: How to get gifts? A: When the job is counted, click the "Pick Up" button. The prizes are then moved to the My Items page. In: What if the player was invited by different friends: through the event page and a direct link? A: The last activated direct link will be credited. In: What if the player has activated several direct links from different friends and only then entered the game? A: The return on the last activated direct link is counted. via