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Warface V: New Frontier update has been installed on the main servers. You are waiting for a new game class – EDMS, sniper rifle SV-98, changing the characteristics of a number of guns and equipment, as well as much more. Try it all right now and share your opinion on the forum!

Please note: due to the high activity in the game, there may be delays in the work of the store, warehouse and friends list.

SED (Eng. Synthetically Engineered Double) – a new class, which is a robot that is already familiar to you from the latest special operations. It is balanced relative to other classes and does not surpass them in battle, however, it has more unique features that will provide a completely unique gaming experience.


Great booking. SED has good protection against enemy bullets due to the large supply of armor. Since the EDMS is a robot, the Engineer class is used to support it, which can not only restore armor, but also return the mechanical fighter to duty. The Achilles heel of the EDMS is melee. One stab with a knife is enough to disable the robot.

Heavy weapons. The SED machine gun has infinite ammunition, and with each subsequent shot the effectiveness of firing increases and becomes maximum with long bursts. In this case, you can shoot only from the hip, and because of the mechanics of overheating, it is important to control the temperature of the barrel.
An additional weapon is a hand grenade launcher with two charges, the explosion of which causes damage and has a light and noise effect.

Overcoming obstacles alone. An EDMS can climb obstacles in the places of “falsification” without outside help.

Increased stability. SED cannot be knocked down in any way.

Special equipment. EDS characteristics are improved by replacing special modules, but it cannot use the usual equipment.

Low mobility. SED has much higher endurance, but can not compete in the speed of movement with the “live” fighters.

An important effect of the appearance of the fifth grade will be a change in the roles of others. The engineer will now become, in a sense, the second physician – thanks to the ability to return the robot to service and restore its armor. Teamwork will reach a new level when a new class is on the edge of attack under the vigilant control of an engineer, who, in turn, will be supported by a physician and another engineer.

At the moment, two heavy machine guns are available for the new class. At the first rank, the EDMS is armed with the standard KAC Chainsaw, and at the 30th rank it will be able to get the six-barrel XM556 Microgun for crowns

KAC Chainsaw

Damage: 68

Range: 14

Rate of fire: 650

Accuracy: 84

Machine gun developed by Knight’s Armament Company. The weapon is primarily designed for shooting from the hip, so it is not equipped with bipods and sights.

Damage: 68

Range: 14

Rate of fire: 650

Accuracy: 84

Machine gun developed by Knight’s Armament Company. The weapon is primarily designed for shooting from the hip, so it is not equipped with bipods and sights.

As an additional weapon, a CZ 805 G1 hand grenade launcher is used, which can be obtained for crowns already at the 26th rank. Two charges are available, the explosion of which causes damage and has a light and noise effect

CZ 805 G1

Damage: 150

Range: 70

Rate of fire: 80

The 40 mm grenade launcher CZ 805 G1 stands out with its simple and reliable design. Charging and removing grenades is carried out from the breech, by turning the barrel to the side.


By playing the SED class you can earn a number of achievements – both completely new and updated existing ones.


The sniper’s arsenal has historically been divided according to the type of fire – “bolts”, “semiautomatic machines” and “automatic machines” of various modifications. With the advent of EDMS, it became possible to single out specialization according to the type of goal – manpower or robots.

Introducing the SV-98 – a rifle that is best suited specifically to defeat soldiers. Shots from these weapons can neutralize almost any living target, regardless of the place of impact and wearing armor. However, to destroy an EDMS with one shot, it will fit worse than the Truvelo CMS 20×42 mm anti-material rifle.

Not without achievements! For killing opponents from this weapon you will receive commemorative insignia.

SV-98 is already available in the play store until 12: 00 GMT on October 31


Changed the characteristics of some models of the main weapon for all game classes. Hurry to find out now what guns should replenish your Arsenal. The amendments also touched upon the subject of the “Spectrum” and “Salamander”. 

Please note: changes will affect all versions of weapons, unless otherwise stated.





Tavor CTAR‐21

Элитный Tavor CTAR-21 (модель 1)


Magpul FMG-9

Золотой Magpul FMG-9

  • In addition, the changes will affect the equipment series “Spectrum” and “Salamander”.

    Spectrum 4 item bonus: all classes have increased health and armor points that can be replenished after 4 seconds. no damage (up to 2, was 1).
    Salamander 4 item bonus: reduces damage taken by 6 points per hit.
    Salamander 5 item bonus: reduces damage taken by 12 points per hit.

    Changed slots system for additional ammunition:

    there were 2 cells “special” for class ammunition, and a large similar purpose, located under the slot for cold weapons, was removed;
    only 6 cells for additional ammunition (there were 7): 3 cells for grenades of different types, 1 cell for mines and 2 cells for special class equipment;
    now the player can take into battle only one unit of each type of grenades and mines.

    Now any additional ammunition, whether grenades or mines, have become a truly valuable resource on the battlefield. Erroneous or vain use of items can decide the outcome of the battle in favor of opponents, so, as never before, in battle, good tactics and teamwork are important.


    Ease of shooting in different positions of the character is an important game mechanics. Previously, special shooting indicators for movement in the tackle of sniper rifles were absent – instead, settings were used for shooting from a prone position.

    This situation required improvement, because for objective reasons, shooting when running, in the tackle or jump is always inconvenient. To get closer to the classic sniper archetype, the current mechanics have been adjusted — the spread when shooting from the hip in the tackle for all sniper rifles is increased. We will continue to study this situation and the opinion of the players-other edits are possible.

    Improved the logic of smoke grenades when colliding with a hard surface. Even if, after encountering an obstacle, the grenade continues to roll or hits a moving object, it is guaranteed to work..
    Improved the visual effect of smoke grenades: the saturation of the cloud inside will vary depending on the position of the player in it — in the center of the smoke will be thicker and darker than the edge.
    Improved animation of knife attack Executor.
    Improved display of shooting effects in aiming mode-there will be noticeably less muzzle flash and visual artifacts.
    Updated visual effect of M26 fragmentation grenade explosion: now looks the same on all graphics settings.


    Disabled statistics and progress of achievements in user rooms.


    The sounds in the operation “Mars”.
    “Mars” (Act 3): redesigned mini-map size.


    Now less PC resources are consumed:
    character models displayed in stock or in the store;
    sounds used on PvP maps;
    some models of game weapons-by removing invisible to the player geometry elements;
    some common graphics effects on medium and high graphics settings.
    Reworked shooting through car Windows: they are shot through, if completely transparent and visible through them opponents.
    Added achievements for the weapon series “ASP”.
    Added achievements created by the layout of the winner of the contest on
    Slightly changed the design of icons of all classes in the game lobby

    Introduced additional measures to prevent the use of nVidia FreeStyle Stickers in order to gain a gaming advantage-in addition to the current, already successfully working.
    Fixed some cases where the game client began to consume an abnormal amount of memory.
    Fixed some of the causes that led to the crash of the game client.
    Fixed a bug where game stats were not updated and the character info screen contained incorrect data. Unread information about previously conducted battles can not be restored.
    Truvelo CMS 20x42mm: fixed a bug where after switching between the main and additional weapons, the animation of the weapon used was displayed incorrectly.
    “Polygon”: fixed a bug where the bonus from two items of kit (if equipped with one item of kit equipment and the necessary weapons) was triggered incorrectly.
    New year’s medic helmet: fixed a visual bug where the texture of the model incorrectly overlapped with the vest.
    Desert Eagle: fixed the display of the reticle for the gun Sight module (2-fold.).
    M32A1: fixed a bug that caused the character’s stock hand to display incorrectly when using female looks.
    Saiga: fixed the reload animation of the weapon.
    “Saiga”: fixed a visual bug where the character’s left hand incorrectly crossed the texture of the weapon model in the first person view.
    Smoke grenade “Antizombi” : fixed a visual error when the safety lever of the grenade was in the wrong position.
    Magic wand: fixed a bug that caused the weapon change animation to continue visually when entering the warehouse.
    Mini Uzi: fixed visual artifacts that appeared when equipping weapons in the player’s warehouse when viewed from a third person.
    LWRC SMG-45: fixed sight mark display in different weapon series when using collimator sight.
    IED-AC: fixed a bug where the muzzle flame was too bright.
    Sturmgewehr 44: fixed a bug where the muzzle flame in aiming mode was too bright.
    H&K MG4: fixed a bug that caused the left hand animation to fire incorrectly when hitting the butt.
    Elite Mossberg 500 Custom, katana “Antizombi”, katana “Commando”, Sapper blade “Blizzard”: fixed a bug where the animation time of reloading weapons did not correspond to the actual.
    Jackhammer, Daewoo K1, M4 CQB, XM8 Compact, Fabarm STF 12 Compact “dragonboy”, Derya MK-10 VR 102 “Atlas”: fixed a bug where the cost of repairing weapons differed from the regular model or other weapons series.
    MK 14 EBR “Reed”: fixed a bug where some modules for this model were missing or did not match the regular version.
    Salamander engineer’s gloves: fixed a visual bug that caused the glove model to not display correctly when the player’s equipment was in stock.
    Fixed an issue where the bonus bundle icon would appear on items that are not actually part of any of the current bundles.
    Fixed a bug where the icons of some items of equipment were split in half and incorrectly displayed in the player’s warehouse.


    Launch: fixed a visual bug where lighting at a certain point on the map would not work correctly.
    “Bridges”, “Alleys”: fixed a bug where a player with low shadow settings could become invisible to other players.
    “Destination”: fixed a visual bug where (depending on the position of the character) graffiti on the fence could disappear.
    “Suburb”: fixed a visual bug where the texture of the grass could be crossed with the walls.
    Pagoda: fixed a bug where invisible objects could exist at a certain point on the map to interact with.
    “Siberia”: fixed a bug where sounds were incorrectly triggered at a certain point on the map.
    “Desert”: fixed a bug where the map was observed flashing fog.
    “Lanes”: fixed a bug where at some points on the map it was possible to shoot through obstacles.
    “Residence”, “Black gold”, “Dock”: fixed a bug where some elements of the map disappeared at a certain distance.
    Mine: fixed a bug where players could see through grenade smoke at a certain point on the map.
    “Towers”: fixed a bug where a player could take a position at a certain point on the map, where the enemy was visible, and the player is not.
    “Motel”: fixed a bug where some items would disappear if the player squatted.
    “Motel”, “tank Farm”: fixed a bug where some items incorrectly passed through the textures of other objects.
    “Platform”: fixed a bug where at a certain point on the map light passed through the door at high or medium shadow settings.
    “Pagoda”: fixed a bug where it was possible to set mines in the air at a certain point.
    Factory: fixed a bug where some objects on the map were shot through textures.
    Factory: fixed a bug where a player could gain an advantage by moving through textures at a certain point on the map.


    “White shark”: fixed a bug where special forces Soldiers could blind through cover or walls.
    Fixed a bug where fire from an Arsonist’s flamethrower dealt damage but visually appeared later.
    “Mars “(Act 3): fixed a visual bug where some elements of the Martian craft flickered incorrectly.
    “Mars” (Act 3): fixed a bug where some elements incorrectly passed through the textures of other objects.
    “Volcano”: fixed a bug where in some points on the map damage from guards was not taken into account.
    “Training”: fixed a bug where the gate opening animation would not be interrupted if the use button was released.
    “Africa”: fixed a bug where opponents disappeared after increasing the distance between them and the player.
    “Sunrise” (Act 1), “Icebreaker” (Act 4): fixed a bug where a player could get stuck in a certain place on the map.
    “Sunrise” (Act 3): fixed a bug where a special operation could not be completed because there were no enemies to eliminate to complete.
    “Pripyat” (Act 2): fixed a bug where SED could shoot through a wall.


    Fixed an issue where fixes with some mass-produced melee weapons did not count towards achievement progress.
    Fixed a bug where in the third-person view, when the character stopped abruptly, the weapon in his hands trembled.
    Female nanosuit medic, Stormtrooper squad “Ghosts”: fixed a visual error that led to incorrect display of the character model when using Fabarm XLR5 Prestige and AK”alpha”.
    Fixed a bug where a personal offer for the purchase of items was empty.
    Fixed a bug where it was not possible to re-invite a player to the clan during a game session if the previous invitation was expired.
    Engineer and sniper squad “Atlas”: fixed a bug where the appearance of the character in the post-match statistics was of poor quality.
    Fixed a bug that caused the name of the “shootout” achievement to duplicate the description of the token when receiving it

The CZ 805 G1 icon in stock and in the store does not correspond to the visual model of the weapon.
After equipping the engineer’s reactivator sight, it replaces the “dot” type sight of the main weapon until it enters the aiming mode.

To successfully enter the game, make sure that the game client is updated to the latest version dated October 10, 2019. The update is downloaded when Warface starts automatically. Make sure that downloading and installing data is not blocked by antivirus software

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