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Warface. Enlarged awards and contest of Reposts

Warface. Enlarged awards and contest of Reposts. The syndicate is already in the Warface. And if there is such an occasion-we invite everyone to take part in the competition! Want to get increased rewards (+ 50% XP, VP, $) this weekend as well as cool cannon event "syndicate"? Then go! All you need to do is to make a repost of the contest record "VKontakte" and wait for the results! Details for every 5000 reposts bonuses are extended for 24 hours. The more people will make the contest post until 18:00 CET on December 14 — the longer the awards in Warface will be increased. The awards are summed up with the first victory and happy hours. The increased rewards will begin on Friday at 18:00 CET, and when finished, it depends on you! The competition for increased awards ends at 18:00 CET on December 14, 2018. Also, among all those who share with friends recording before 18:00 MSK on December 17, we will play a unique weapon of the series "Syndicate"! The results of the contest will be summed up after December 17, 2018 and presented in the official community of Warface "VKontakte".

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