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Warface. UPDATE ON PTS [8 FEB]

Warface. UPDATE ON PTS [8 FEB]. Soon on test server update is installed. You are waiting for a new rank, completion of the Arsenal and the list of achievements, as well as correction of certain errors.
Gepard GM6 Lynx. The range of legendary weapons suppliers replenished with a large-caliber semi-automatic sniper rifle, developed by the Hungarian company Sero. This weapon comes with a unique module — scope Schmidt & Bender with quick and 4.6-fold increase. Read more.

FN FAL DSA 58. New rifle in the Arsenal attack. It is a shortened version of the legendary Belgian FN FAL equipped with a Picatinny rail for mounting attachments. Currently, it is produced by the American firm DS Arms specifically for the police. Read more.

AT308. Increased rate of fire.

Boxes with Derya MK‐10 VR 102 and SR‐2 “Veresk” is replaced in stores are usually selling this weapons for war bucks. The guns themselves have been improved:

Derya MK‐10 VR 102. Increased damage and speed of entering the aiming mode; reduced falling damage for the distance and bullet spread when firing.
SR‐2 Veresk. Increased rate of fire (which will automatically affect recoil, so for the PTS possible changes recoil).
Added a box of pistol QSZ-92 for initial testing.

The game will be the 90th rank — Marshal of the messengers of death, the icon which depicts the samurai. Read more.

Expanded list of national achievements, confined to any memorable events in the history of individual States. Appears for the 1990 murder of opponents of Russian weapons.

Made corrections in the application system, the obtaining and recording of damage subject to delays when players, including when you fire on moving targets.
Instead of statistics of wins/losses by other players now only see the total number of games played in PvP mode (except mode “meat Grinder”, “battle Royale”, “Survival”). The changes affected only public information. Own detailed statistics can be viewed on the Data tab.
The problem of players leaving battles early and leaving the team in the minority, is a very high priority for us. We plan to introduce fines for such actions, but a simple punishment does not eliminate the problem. Her decision is important to a comprehensive approach.
Now there will be three option by which you can understand with whom you are dealing:

  1. Rank character, equivalent to the total gaming experience.
  2. The total number of matches PvE/PvP, allowing you to understand who people prefer to play with computer or live opponents.
  3. Statistics of murders/deaths that demonstrate the success of fire in PvP.

This revision will relieve the players from fear to spoil the statistics because of the defeat. Note that ahead of you waiting for more edits associated with the elimination of the problem of “leavers”.
-Enemies with artificial intelligence: slightly changed the behavior of the storm troopers. Now they do not take up the gun if you run out of ammo in your primary weapon. Instead, they try to hide in cover and reload.
-PvE: helicopters added degree of destruction. Now 60% of the strength they begin to smoke, and 20% — and even burn.
Interface: now in combat, while writing in the chat shows the last 5 posts.
-Completed the celebration of the New Year. Returned to the regular maps and standard bonus daily entries into the game. Removed holiday decorations polygon and special class equipment and musical theme.
-Changed the complexity of the contracts. Details in the table below.

-PvE/PvP: fixed some issues where players could see through smoke from smoke grenades and ignore the effect of glare from stun grenades. [Bugfix requires a separate check]
-PvP: Blitz: fixed the name of the mode on the boot screen.
-PvP: “Bridges 2.0”: remove the possibility to take the point at which the character can’t see opponents.
-PvP: fixed a bug where it was impossible to perform the contract, if you play more than one match in the games room.
-PvE: some final screens will no longer cause visual problems due to improper lighting of the play scene.
-PvE: Asia: in some cases fixed a situation in which the characters sometimes could not enter the helicopter at the end of the mission.
-PvE: now when reaching the checkpoint behind the players correctly transfers to the team which is on a moving platform.
-Interface: active contract no longer covers descriptions.
Interface tab of the chat no longer switches spontaneously.
The operation of Pripyat: the destruction of the Mantis eliminated redundant messages about his death.
The operation of Pripyat: Mantis no longer stops the firing of the main weapon after the fourth wave.
The operation of Pripyat: during the final battle opponents correctly jumps on the platform and not fly through it.
The operation of Pripyat: ARS “Liquidator” now don’t cease firing at the players who have left the building.
The operation of Pripyat: fixed markup in places where it was possible to climb the highest obstacle.
– Operation Pripyat: fixed a situation in which flickered the sky.
The operation of “Pripyat” in some places, eliminated the possibility of getting stuck.
The operation of Pripyat’: index hints did not disappear and was hanging behind the characters, pushed further on the subject.
The operation of Pripyat: fixed some cases where EDMS froze and ceased to attack the players.
-RPD Custom: fixed animation pushing objects equipped with a machine gun.
-Saiga: weapons no longer intersects with the character’s body.
-H&K MP5A5 Custom: now at the distance specified in the performance characteristics of weapons, the enemy can be killed by being hit in the head, regardless of equipped with it equipment.
-PvE/PvP: fixed an issue where players sometimes could not connect to matches.
-Sound: the firing sound is no more after the death of the characters.
-The achievement of “Musical fire” (to destroy the tower in the mission “Zenit” 100 times) returned to the screen achievements and now is charged correctly.
-In achieving the “Columbus Day” is now count killing enemies of the Golden version of ACR.
-Localization: fixed the description of some achievements.
-VSS “Vintorez”, Honey Badger, as “Val”, Daewoo K7, McMillan CS5: built-in/unique mufflers now work properly in PvE modes.
Winter options sights for PP now behave the same as the basic (normal) versions of these modules.
-UTAS UTS-15 damage from the attack with a bayonet nononsense fast enough.
-CheyTac M200: fixed the animation of the slide between shots.

-PvP: “Clan wars”, “private rooms” in the list of maps is missing “Villa”.
-Damage from explosives appear “cross damage”.
-AX308: the slow entrance of the aiming mode with a unique module Schmidt & Bender (4,5-Krat.).

Test conditions
The capacity of the PTS — 1000 people at a time, so please do not take the place of the title if you don’t play for a long time, and quit the game.

Title accessible to players of all servers. Please click on the “COPY” in the right block of the project “Warface title”: However, you can only copy one character, and its level should not be below 40.

The character is copied in its current state. Copying can take some time (usually several minutes). During the tests of character can be copied only once. Creating clan disabled. Refill for PTAs cannot.

From active participants in the test expected bug reports and problems. Bug reports should be sent to the topic of discussion.

If you have experience serious violations of the rules of the game, then PTS will be unavailable for any account.

The entry point on PTS.via

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