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Warface. UNCOVER the SECRETS of the K. I. W. I.! PRE-ORDER EVENT

Warface. UNCOVER the SECRETS of the K. I. W. I.! PRE-ORDER EVENT. The mysterious K. I. W. I. has excellent equipment and weapons, which would not refuse any fighter. Want to fight for him? Pre-order the new global event is open!
Missed the challenge and rewards? Very soon all this will appear you have in abundance! A mysterious organization K. I. W. I. appeared on the horizon. Who they are and what to expect from them? The brave soldiers of Warface to find out!

K. I. W. I.: pre-order the NEW GLOBAL EVENTS
Global event: K. I. W. I. — the next step in the chain of events “Winter hunt”, “the war Atlas” and “Absolute power”. At this time you have to fight not only for unique weapons, gear and Camos, but more valuable in our time, the resource — information. Discover the secrets of the organization K. I. W. I., opening the access file as you progress through the event!

Right now you can pre-order the events on this page. This means that you will be able to begin to perform tasks and receive rewards as soon as the event starts! As before, you will accomplish the game tasks, develop your character, to trade on the platform to receive these awards and to participate in the tournament with a real prize Fund.

Why else pre-order? All players who make it to 23:59 of the last day of may, will get a nice bonus:

Recall that it is unique items that are now impossible to get the game methods. All bonuses will be credited to the inventory developments of players in early June.

How to gain access?
Click “Purchase access” on the page.
Select the desired set: with bonuses or without.
Make sure that the pre-order is listed on the Deposit page.
Recharge to the required amount. Payment will be to the expense of buying the pre-order.
To gain access to the event for credits on current account, as well as through the promised payments and other bonuses cannot be.
On the timing of the full launch event to be announced.

As usual, the participants in the K. I. W. I. have the opportunity to acquire unique items, equipment and weapons. Some will learn later! We will elaborate on the items in the course of the event. But right now let a little bit of information, which, of course, will interest you.

Like? In a similar colourful style will be kept and other items K. I. W. I.!

AK “alpha” is loved by many players. Want second such a powerful gun? Possible: weapons will appear TDI KRISS Super V!

With the launch of the full version of the event, participants will immediately become available for several interesting sections. We are moving away from the scheme of gradual opening, which was used previously. Most of the content K. I. W. I. will appear in the first days.

We have taken into account your opinion about the “Absolute power”, which was expressed in the evaluation survey following the event. Leaving the most popular sections, we abandoned less interesting or reworked them.

We have eliminated complex mechanics that required significant spending battle points for progress (PvP units, collection units).
Stored marketplace, games and a personal progress: all that you love!
We have added the possibility of selling cases obtained free of charge at the achievements in the game: another opportunity to earn credits!
Getting materials to make weapons will become more comfortable: earn a unique gun for the engineer will be easier.
It was decided to abandon the mechanics of global goals: now you don’t have to wait long to open new opportunities.
We have improved the interface and optimized the technical part in the whole, to accidental button taps and failures became less.
There are additional development opportunities and increased the role of the player character: more fun activities!
Articles about the details of the new global developments and the work of its various sections will be released in the coming days. Don’t miss if you want to know more! And, of course, do pre-orders to be among the first to join the fight for unique rewards K. I. W. I. Members of the affiliate program , Grade IV and Grade V by the end of may will get access to the game free.

Please note: to pay with the current credit account is not possible. You need to replenish the account to the required amount after placing the order.via

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