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Warface. The rate “Game” from “Rostelecom”!

Warface. The rate “Game” from “Rostelecom”! Present a unique offer for fighters Warface — connect special rate “Game” from “Rostelecom” and get great gifts!

Connect the tariff “Game”, you will daily get a cool weapon for 24 hours, 10 credits and 1 day RTC. You choose one of the 4 guns for a daily basis. And accumulated days of RTK you can buy weapons that will remain with you forever!

Free guns — get one of four awesome guns for the entire period of the tariff. Weapon type can be changed every 24 hours in your account on wf.mail.ru.
Loans every day , pay the fare “Game” for a month and have credits as a gift! The loans accrue daily until the active game option.
Arms forever — dreaming about a great gun that will always remain in your warehouse? Gain days use of tariff and exchange them for permanent weapons!

The speed of Internet is 250 Mbps. Price — 850 rubles/month. You can also connect interactive TV and get the TV console on favorable terms!

Current subscribers of “Rostelecom” can connect the tariff “Game”. Please note, you must be registered in the personal Cabinet “Rostelecom” and to have an account in Warface. Activation options are in a Single personal account of the subscriber “Rostelecom”.

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