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Warface. THE NEW GLOBAL GOAL IS ACHIEVED. We are glad to congratulate you on achieving one global goal! Event “Absolute power” continues, and today you moved to a new stage. Open access team tournament “Absolute power” and improve the mode of “battle Royale”. To learn more you can from this article.
Began active preparation for the team tournament “Absolute power”. It will take place in the upcoming season. To equalize the chances of players to win the team competition will be divided into two leagues. They get equal prize money each will complete a separate LAN finals. But the number and skill of teams in the League will vary.

Absolute power: the Pro — League professionals. It will be selected 64 of the most experienced team of Warface, which has repeatedly proved its skills in competitions Open Cup.
Absolute power: the Challenge international League for less experienced teams who want to compete for an impressive prize Fund. The competition in this League will be higher due to the larger number of participants. But the quality of the teams will be approximately equal. Each composition AP: Challenge can include more than one pro player. The complete list of pro-players we will post a little later. It will be based on all the past successes of each of the famous players.
The competition AP: Challenge will involve teams from the US and Europe. They will hold their own qualifying matches and meet players of the Russian server already in LAN finals.

All team battle will take place in the “Undermining”. To participate in the tournament, each player age 14 and up, to open access to “Absolute power.”

Regulation, schedule, order of distribution of prizes, the link for registration and other details will be published on our website in the near future. Don’t miss out!

“Battle Royale” loved by many, judging by its popularity in the game. It’s time to tell what changes will be subject to this regime.

First and foremost, the developers plan to increase the number of players in battle. This will add the event dynamics and tension.
To get a powerful gun — a great success. But has the value and number of points with weapons, but also their availability. The system of obtaining the gear will be balanced so that players start in the most equal conditions.
Will the modified plugin system to get weapons. Now they are set does not always match what is available to the player in the normal battles: this is due to the balance calculations applied in the start-up mode. A few months later, accumulated enough statistics and feedback to make positive changes.
Good accommodation is one of the components of success. Displaying the safe zone on the radar will not be superfluous, wouldn’t you agree? This improvement is also planned to add mode.
Each player Warface loves to get achievements and boast a beautiful coat of arms. The developers promise to add new achievements for “battle Royale”.
Work has already begun, they can take a few updates. We will keep you updated!

Traditionally you are waiting for greater prizes this weekend! Fighters of all servers can receive 50% more experience and varbaksov and experience of the suppliers for all the battles. Very timely: the game is already available a new rank and weapons from the thread “Legendary”!

The activity will start at 00:00 GMT on 17 February and will end at 23:59 GMT on 18 February.

There were the final frontier. His achievement will bring the release of a new map mode “battle Royale” and will allow players to open cases with items from past global events.

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