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Warface. THE JANUARY UPDATE. Meet the latest update to Warface! You are waiting for the completion of the Arsenal and the achievements list, changing the rewards for the first win of the day and correcting some mistakes.
If you fail to get the desired achievements, then do not despair — you have a lot of time! New year holidays in the game will continue to install the February update!

AK “alpha”. The modern model of the iconic assault rifle that can be gathered within the events of “Absolute power”, appeared in the game.

ACR CQB. Arsenal engineers have added a gold version of this gun, and the gun has better performance characteristics! The upgraded version has increased damage, rate of fire and damage multiplier for limbs and also reduced the rate of fall damage at a distance.

Weapons also added antimikrobnaya component of recoil when shooting, which will help in the fight against unfair players. The change is almost imperceptible and does not affect the perception of the game with this weapon. Edits are applied to all models of guns.

The gold version of ACR CQB and a map of the black market to buy this gun can be obtained from boxes of luck.
Read the details here.

Camouflage OpenCup: Season XII. In honor of LAN-final Warface Open Cup: Season XII has been the most challenging season in the history of the tournament, the game has a bright commemorative camouflage with wobbling animation. The set includes colors for the assault rifle Beretta ARX160, shotgun MAG-7, a submachine gun CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1, sniper rifle Bushmaster BA50, revolver S&W M&P R8 and knife S&W Tanto Survival.

To buy Camos will be closer to the Grand finals of the tournament.

Rebalanced the rewards for completing special operations and the first victory of the day in PvP.

Increased rewards for winning the popular special operations “Anubis”, “Eclipse”, “Black shark” and “Icebreaker”. With a reduced reward for the first win of the day in PvP modes. The reason for the change was too much difference in PvP between a normal victory and the first victory of the day.

PvP: Team Deathmatch: from the list of available maps removed the “Market”.
Special operation “Pripyat”: the achievement “a Storm of SED” will now properly be counted.
Operation “Volcano”: in some places fixed lighting on the map.
Eliminated the possibility to lie down/get up without delay.
Golden ACR: fixed damage multiplier for zombies.
Temporarily off the achievement of “Musical fire” (to destroy the tower in the mission “Zenit” 100 times).
Localization of certain contracts incorrectly (terms of execution of contracts has not changed compared to the last update. View the right conditions can be in the game).
To successfully log into the game make sure the game client is updated. The current version of the client — of 25 January 2018. The update will download automatically when you start Warface. Make sure that you download and install the data not blocked by antivirus software.

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