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Warface. The final of the Open Cup: interview with ф0ртунаа

Warface. Финал Open Cup: интервью с ф0ртунаа

We continue our series of interviews with representatives of four teams in the LAN final of the spring season Warface Open Cup. Captain AS_Stars, Idel Gainullin, told about his expectations of decisive battles which will take place on may 29.
Warface. Финал Open Cup: интервью с ф0ртунаа
Name: Ydel Gainullin.
Nick: ф0ртунаа.
Age: 16 years.
Team: AS_Stars.
Class: Medic.
Favorite weapon: Fabarm STF 12 Compact.

Q: At what point did you realize that you can succeed in Warface and become a professional player?
A: When we started the Open Cup tournaments in our clan had about 50 people, which gathered composition. We’ve done pretty well with the mesh, quietly passed to the LAN-finals. Then I realized that it’s real: in this clan you can show a good result and claim a serious victory.

Q: How has your team gathered in the current lineup?
About: the clan had several captains. Each of them chose his players; sometimes, the players themselves were under the direction of a particular captain. The choice is basically built on the results of KV (clan wars), after which the captains had proposed to the soldiers to join their team. If the player refused, I moved other options. Thus gathered three staff.

Q: How family and friends relate to your participation in tournaments Warface?
A: at First my family didn’t really understand what it is and why you need. I think older people do not really understand the tournaments games. Accordingly, at first very worried: what it’s like to go to a LAN final in Moscow? Helped when I showed the tape of the tournament: how it was organized, how many participants, what is happening there and so on. Now the attitude has changed.

Q: What do you think guys from your team on the tournament’s career in Warface?
A: the General mood is: with each new Open Cup team is getting better. Corrected typical mistakes new players appear, the composition evolves and develops skill. Sure we have a future.

Q: do you have Hobbies besides Warface?
About: I was very much involved in football, now less. I spend my free time with friends.

In: what is the most important quality a professional player Warface.
A: there is No one main quality — a lot of factors affect the game. These are banal things, like shooting and understanding the game itself. But if they are, then the player will show a good result.

Q: Why your team will win the next final?
A: many times We went to the finals and won the championship title. All my players are experienced fighters, we have a great interaction in the game, we have all the data for the third victory.

Q: What team do you consider your main rival?
On Our second composition, “Arenales”.

Q: How is your mood before the LAN finals? Winning streak — she’d rather whet, or, conversely, binds?
About: Feel great, work out and ready for battle.

Q: You have set a record for the Open Cup, winning two events. If you win the third, mark it in some way?
A: I don’t think. Of course, victory note, but it is the fact that we have become a triple champion, to emphasize we will not.

Q: How does it feel to be playing against another team from your clan?
About: we Have a 50% chance that we will play against “Arresters”. Special feelings from this does not feel — it’s just another opponent who must be defeated.

Q: Your wishes to the fans?
A: you can See a nice game to actively support their favorite teams and, of course, watched all the fights.

We invite you to viewing of the final match! As a reminder, the draw for the teams at the LAN final “Warface Open Cup: Spring 2016” will be held at 11:00 GMT on 29 may, the fighting will begin at 12:00.source

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