Warface. STEYR SCOUT returns to the store
03.12.2018 в 03:51

Warface. STEYR SCOUT returns to the store. The coveted sniper rifle Steyr Scout again appeared in the game store! See for yourself how incredible damage and high precision are combined in one weapon. Thanks to the exclusive silencer and nipple modules, you will easily customize your rifle to match your style of play. Play carefully, using shelters, or go to the frontal collision! Information boxes of fortune with this cannon are available at standard prices: 60/58/56/54/52 credits. Pay attention you have a chance to get weapons from the boxes of luck for good and for a while. With the proper luck you can get a gold version of the weapon from the boxes. Items received forever will need to be repaired. The cannon will disappear from the game store on December 10. Achievements experienced snipers, who will be able to neutralize from this rifle 10 000 and 25 000 opponents, will be the owners of achievements "Austrian Scout" and "Austrian Scout II", and those who manage to kill 999 enemies from the Golden version of Steyr Scout, will get Achievement of the "Metky Hunter". By the way, throughout December for spent in the game store credits you will receive excellent gifts. And for replenishment of a game account it is possible to receive as a gift gold ak "Alfa"! Via