Warface. In-game soon: Pause during tournament matches
14.11.2018 в 11:02

Warface. In-game soon: Pause during tournament matches. With the next update in the game will be a feature that allows you to put the match on pause. It will be available exclusively on the tournament server and will allow you to temporarily stop the game-to, for example, discuss tactics. Pause principles the ability to suspend a match is available only on the tournament server in clan fights (modes "detonation", "capture" and "blitz"). Any of the teams can start voting for the pause announcement. As soon as the required minimum of votes is dialed, the game is suspended for 60 seconds (the value can be changed later). Both teams can vote simultaneously, but as soon as one of them is completed, the second is interrupted and the game pauses. Each team can pause the game once per match (the value can be changed later). Voting for a pause announcement cannot be started if any other voting is already underway (and vice versa). Voting can be started in the menu selection of the class, opened by the button ESC: "Voting"-> "game pause"-> "pause". In other game modes, this button is hidden. During a pause, the game screen is replaced by the play paused screen. Players can perform any action on it, as before the match starts. When the paused time is over, this screen disappears and the game continues. Also, the pause will help the teams when the players depart-you can wait for them to return and continue the match in full squad. Later in the competition will be available tactical pauses-"timeouts", necessary for a short respite during the match. Please note: The details of the innovation can be changed by the results of the general testing. Via