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Warface. Syndicate: Event begins

Warface. Syndicate: Event begins. Happened! "Syndicate" is already here and is ready to offer you hundreds of excellent awards, including a set of powerful equipment and guns unique series. The tab with the event is available in the game. Join now to become the first owners of unique items!

About "Syndicate"

The new global event has already begun! Perform game tasks, raise the level of personal progress, get hundreds of awards! The mysterious organization "Syndicate", judging by the descriptions, has excellent equipment and weapons, which she is ready to share with the fighters Warface. But only with those who can prove their strength!

What can I get as a reward?

  • Set of equipment "syndicate": it promises to be one of the most powerful in the game! Bonuses increase depending on the number of items you are wearing.
  • Carbon Weapons series: Bright cannon with yellow camouflage available in several versions for all classes!
  • "Syndicate" Weapon series: attractive futuristic colouring and power are perfectly combined in these cannons.
  • Camouflage "carbon" and "syndicate": For those who are not going to change their favorite weapons, but wants to improve its appearance!
  • Sniper rifle CDX-MC Kraken: Available in the Weapons collection section.
  • A new series of camouflage "Kartel".
  • Hundreds of copies of temporary weapons and equipment, consumables and more!

Characteristics of equipment can be seen on the promo page of the event. TTH weapons correspond to the characteristics of analogues of the usual series.

"Syndicate" is already available directly in the game client!

Like past events, "Syndicate" will go for about 3 months: entertainment for long winter evenings is guaranteed!

The details of the event we have already disclosed in the articles:

In the future we will announce additional information about other aspects of the event:

  • "Syndicate" tournament.
  • Unique achievements.

Purchase access

The cost of premium access is only 599 credits. You will get unlimited access to the global event "syndicate" and the opportunity to receive hundreds of awards in it. Access includes:

  • Complete opportunities to perform tasks and personal progress;
  • Additional awards in the system of game tasks;
  • Assembly of the sniper rifle CDX-MC Kraken;
  • Sale of items on the trading platform;
  • Full-fledged acquisition of Bo and experience for battle.

Pre-order "syndicate" players can start playing right now!

You have two options for buying premium access: the usual for 599 credits and with 25 levels of personal progress for 1999. We remind you that each level is a separate reward: in this way, you will start immediately with the prizes in the inventory and move faster to getting new levels! Such purchase essentially saves time and is more profitable faster getting levels for combat points already inside the event.

Trial Access

Don't want to pay right away? Try it for free! The trial version of Syndicate is available to everyone. It has restrictions on available jobs, rewards, experience and combat points. Assembling a unique weapon — CDX-MC Kraken — is also locked. In addition, players with free access can accumulate weapons collection cases, as well as use the common system of cases with awards.

It is important to know when buying!

  • Payment is made only by a separate delivery. It is not possible to buy access with the payment of credits from the game account, bonus means or by means of BK. Also the credits received by means of BK, it is impossible to use for purchases on a trading platform.
  • If you have made an order, any next payment will go to the account of its repayment (except for accounts on which BK is taken-for them the first is paid by it). You can cancel an unpaid order on the Account Replenishment page.
  • If you have already paid for access, you cannot cancel it after the start of the event.

Hurry to join the syndicate: The sooner you start, the more rewards you can get! 

Important information and known issues
  • Currently, the event has time restrictions related to service load checks: Inventory, trading platform, weapons creation and available by link on the site, the case section is not available (scheduled for inclusion early next week).
  • The event is accessed only through the game client. Failing to navigate the site is not an error.
  • Pre-order bonuses will be distributed within a few days. Wait, please.
  • At the moment we have recorded several complaints that the already acquired access has been reset, and the bonus levels have come. The problem is already dealt with.
  • Currently, job posting can take up to 3 hours. 
  • If you have difficulty entering the event in the game, use the transition to the event on the banner "Syndicate" on the main page of the site. To go, you must be an authorized account on the site. Via

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