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Warface. "Syndicate": Personal progress

Warface. "Syndicate": Personal progress. Want to learn how to replenish your inventory on more than 100 prizes and get unique items? Then read our article on personal progress in the new global event! In "Syndicate" you will meet the already familiar system of personal progress: raising the level for the game experience and performance of tasks. The participant of the event plays, performs tasks from "Syndicate" and gets experience points for it-and, of course, prizes! How to get experience? To advance to the next level, the player needs to earn experience. Progressionnaja Development scale: Up to level 50, the amount of experience required to raise levels increases and later becomes static. Experience for personal level improvement can be obtained in two ways: for the performance of game tasks; For game matches. Each completed game assignment gives the player experience: its number depends on the type of task and complexity. The more difficult the task is, the more experience points. You can also get experience points for completing matches with any outcome. The exact system will be announced at the start of the event, but its basis and distribution of awards depending on the modes and outcome of the match remained the same. Bonuses from accelerators to the experience of "syndicate" this time do not apply. The total number of levels is 100. Each player receives a reward. In addition to the standard way to raise the level-for experience points-you can raise it for combat points. The cost of raising one level is 75 bo. Rewards for levels as stated above, each completed level is a reward in your inventory. The range is wide: from temporary equipment to unique camouflage and even weapons. For example, for reaching some levels you will be able to get the cannon forever to choose from the set! Below you can see the rewards for the levels of personal progress. Most of them assume two small awards at once. Rewards for levels can be viewed here unique items of the event are highlighted with colors. In addition to them, the awards are a lot of temporary items that allow you to evaluate almost the entire arsenal of powerful class weapons in the game! and elite equipment and rare helmets will be a good help in the execution of tasks. The value of rewards grows with the level. The higher he is, the more interesting the rewards! We remind you that the pre-order of the Global syndicate event is already open. You can buy full access to the event for just 599 credits or get an extended version for 1999, which includes at once 25 levels of progress with awards for them and will allow you to significantly save time and start much closer to the most valuable Awards. The choice is yours! All information provided is preliminary. Final values will be presented to players already at the start of the event in the next article, just before the event starts, we'll tell you about the system of game tasks in "Syndicate", which this time is closely connected with personal progress by getting Experience for performing tasks. Do not miss! via

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