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Warface. SIG SAUER P226 C again in store

Warface. SIG SAUER P226 C again in the store. Pistol SIG Sauer P226 C deservedly is in demand and respect in many countries of the world. Like Swiss watches, it combines precision and reliability. It is chosen by real professionals. Today SIG Sauer P226 C returns to the game store! Information boxes of fortune with this pistol are available at standard prices: 54/52/50/48/46 credits. Please note: You have a chance to get weapons from the boxes of luck both for good and for a while. With the proper luck you can get a gold version of the weapon from the boxes. Items received forever will need to be repaired. The cannon will disappear from the game store on December 17. Achievements everyone who is able to neutralize 10 000 enemies from SIG Sauer P226 C will get an achievement "credible", and for 25 000 enemies-"credible ⅱ". For the murder of 999 enemies from the gold version of the pistol will be issued stripe "second chance will not be"! Via

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