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Warface. Server Update on TCP [11 December]

Warface. Server Update on TCP [11 December] We invite everyone to the PTS! A small but important patch has been installed on the test server to improve some of the mechanics of the tournament anti-cheat. We want to make sure that they are stable and do not contain errors that can negatively affect the quality of the game. You just need to play: No additional steps are required for testing. Testing will last until December 17 about any technical problems, especially errors in the work of anti-cheat, please report on the forum in a special topic. Details when you start a client with a new anti-cheat, you will be warned that the game results may be invalid. Clicking OK will not affect your progress on the main servers. On PTS You will find special operation "Voskhod", submachine gun LWRC SMG-45, sniper rifle h&k G28, Golden Glock 18C, ginger Rifle, weapons series "Yakuza", "Pig-Klaus" and "Dragonwrestler", replenishment of the series "stupor" and much more. Test conditions the capacity of the PTS is 750 people at a time, so we ask you not to take a seat on the PTS, if you do not play long, and leave the game. PTS is available for players of all servers in the game center. It is necessary to press the button "copy" in the right block of a page of project "Warface pts". Account owners who are not in the @mail. Ru domain also have the option to play the PTS. To do this, you need to break out of your account in the Game center and choose the item "play under another login." You can copy only one character, and its level should be not lower than the 25th. The character is copied in its current state. Copying a character may take some time (usually a few minutes). You can only copy one time during a character test. Clan creation is disabled. It is impossible to replenish the account on the PTS. Reports of bugs and problems are expected from active test participants. The basgreports should be sent to the discussion topic. If you have experience of serious violations of the rules of the game, TCP will not be available to you from any account. via

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