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Warface. SAIGA-12C IN THE SHOP. If you love domestic weapons firepower value and want to stand out among other fighters, then this news is for you! Good old shotgun “saiga-12C” returns to the play store. It’s time to tear up the enemies!
The weapon needs no introduction. Just look at what the shotgun is capable of in battle!

Box good luck with a shotgun “saiga-12C” available at the standard prices: 60/58/56/54/52 loans.

Please note:
you have the chance to get the weapons from boxes of luck, like forever, and on time;
with proper luck you can get a gold version of the weapons from boxes;
items received forever, will need to be repaired;
the gun will disappear from the game store on March 27.
Using the “Saiga-12C” you will be able to get tokens “Because he’s Russian!” and “Because he’s Russian II”. What you need to do? Find and destroy 10 000 and 25 000 enemies from this gun! Will be able to neutralize 999 opponents of the gold version? Great! Bright patch “Gold kill” will be yours!


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