Warface. Switch to 64-bit system
18.01.2019 в 01:16

Warface. Switch to 64-bit system. As you remember, in the 2019 year the Game developers plan to transition the project from 32-bit system to 64-bit. This is an important and serious step! The changes are designed to solve two problems at once:

  • Improve (optimize) the processes of game interaction with users ' computers;
  • Enhance the ability of developers to create new global content.

How does this relate to the transition? To refresh in memory the details of the upcoming update, we recommend reading a few detailed articles that we have prepared for you on this topic.

First publication answers to questions


Let us briefly recall the reasons why the transition is necessary. Today, Warface is a 32-bit application. And such applications do not work effectively with the resources of PC users.

  • If the PC is powerful-x 32-applications consume only a fraction of the resources, not utilizing the maximum capacity.
  • If the PC is weak-x 32-applications will apply all possible resources, but do not allocate them to the paging file on the hard disk. The result is a lack of memory and an emergency closing of the program.

As a result, developers are severely limited in future development not only minimal system requirements, but also the features of insufficient optimization. For this reason, many game creators have long abandoned the support of 32-bit (x 86) systems. We waited a long time for players to change the OS, but now it's time for decisive action.

The transition to the 64-bit system is planned for the first quarter of the 2019 year. In case of success WARFACE will not be available on 32-bit versions of WINDOWS!

At the moment, a very small percentage of players use the 32-bit operating system. Nevertheless, we want every fighter to be ready for the future transition! If you are still using an outdated OS, we recommend that you move to Windows 64-bit as soon as possible. How to do it? Read in our material. You can learn about the system requirements of the 64-bit version of Windows by clicking on the link. Do not delay with the update. See you in the game!