Warface. Update on PTS [9 November]
11.11.2018 в 06:44

Warface. Update on PTS [November 9]. Today, an updated Warface test server is open for all comers. You are waiting for the first-person observer mode, improvement of some cannons and much more! Read the list of novelties and evaluate them by downloading the PTS-version of the client! "Syndicate" for testing became available items that can be obtained in the global event "Syndicate": Series "carbon" (weapons, camouflage) and "syndicate" (weapons, camouflage and equipment). Read more. In the game there were achievements for the killing of enemies with the help of weapons series "carbon" and "syndicate". Achievements for progress in the global event on the PTS are hidden. Added new weapon-sniper rifle CDX-MC Kraken, which can be collected as part of the event "syndicate". The basic version of the weapon and two camouflage to it are available in the shop of PTTs. More details about this rifle we will tell in the nearest time. SPECTATOR mode realized the long-awaited opportunity to watch the players from the first person (SPECTATOR MODE). Watch the progress of the battle live-now nothing escapes you! With the principles of work and features of Spectator mode can be found in the announcement of the innovation. Read more. Improved number of guns 6 guns were improved: FN FAL DSA-58, Hcar, Fostech Origin-12, Micro-Roni CAA, orsis t ‐ 5000, Bushmaster BA50. Changes have affected all versions of weapons, including gold. The announcement contains a table of edits for the basic versions. Read more. Improving additional weapons It's turn to improve additional weapons! 11 cannons were changed at once: Rhino 60DS, Desert Eagle, FN Five-SeveN, PYa "Grach", Beretta M93R, Mateba autorevolver, Colt Python Elite, Steyr M9-A1, Browning High Power, Beretta M9 and New Year's clap. Changes have affected all versions of weapons. The table of corrections for the basic versions of guns can be found in the announcement of changes. Read more. In-game pause added a feature that allows you to pause the match. It will be available exclusively on the tournament server. We will tell you more about this innovation in the future. Other changes become available camouflage "cartel" for 5 guns: PKP "Pecheneg", Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro, CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1, AX308 and CZ 75-Auto. Cost of repair of festive weapons and equipment having identical original characteristics, is equated to cost of repair of basic versions. For weapons and equipment with different characteristics the cost of repair will remain the same. For part of the arsenal the cost of repair is brought in accordance with the price of repairing a suitable weapon category. The shaders of the glass surface were modified in scopes for more realistic appearance. A working prototype of the Observer mode interface has become available. The functionality presented on the PTS is available for review. It contains only a part of the possibilities and will be finalized in the future. Fixed bugs General fixed the last of the vulnerabilities, which, when using the NVIDIA Inspector program, some players had an unfair game advantage (such cases were isolated, but nevertheless). In case of new data on the use of vulnerabilities, please inform the Support service immediately. Fixed an issue where a player using Push-to-talk mode to communicate in voice chat would not be able to communicate with teammates for a few seconds in the event of a character's death, and sometimes until the end of a round. Fixed errors that caused the client to crash. Fixed errors where players could throw back due to incorrect design levels. "Shop": Fixed some cases of animation of the machine with the boxes of luck. Fixed a problem with restoring armor if it started while running. Fixed an issue where the animation of mine in third-person view was not played. "Training room": fixed sound in the room. Localization: The ban on participation in matches was sometimes overlapped by the text. Chat: Players can no longer send system messages to chat. Weapon Imbel IA2: Fixed an issue where the animation of the gun run was incorrectly interrupted during a first-person jump. SIX12: The bayonet attack animation is synchronized with the actual damage. Browning High Power: The hand attack animation is synchronized with the actual damage. Sickle, Army Knife: handle arms no longer intersect with gloves while running. "Saiga" Spike: Replaced the icon in the box of luck. Remington 870 RAS: reduced the muzzle flame. Fixed visual artifacts on weapon modules in camouflage "cane". Galil AR: The character's hand is no longer crossed with the handle. FN FAL DSA-58: Synchronized sound and reload animation. Stun grenade: Fixed cases where the effect did not work near the wall when throwing grenades with delay. Knife S&W Survival Tanto: The attack animation is synchronized with the flying particles. UZI PRO: Fixed shaking weapons while jumping. Uzkon UNG-12: Fixed animation when abruptly stopped after a jerk (first-person view). Cobray Striker: Added missing textures in first-person view. Kriss Super V: Fixed the animation that is played while jumping with the female outfit. Kriss Super V: Fixed visual artifacts when equipped with SAS appearance. Golden Remington R11 RSASS: Adjusted the firing rate. PVP "Blitz": "Platform": Fixed some visual problems. "Team Fight": "Quarter (Halloween)": Fixed some visual problems. "Royal Battle": "Exclusion zone": fixed some visual problems on the map; Fixed some cases where Sims could get stuck; Fixed detailing of some trees at low graphics settings. Invisible objects are removed from the map. "Detonation": "Outskirts": fixed the problem, because of which the rails could not make a podkat; Fixed some problems with displaying remote objects. "Detonation": "Bridges": invisible objects are removed from the map; Fixed some problems with displaying remote objects. "Detonation": "Factory": fixed an issue where characters could not jump out of the window; Eliminated some cases where characters could get stuck; Fixed some visual problems. "Capture": "Deposit": Fixed an issue where the character might have fallen after the drawdown. "Detonation": "Destination": Fixed some visual problems. "Detonation": "Palace": Fixed some visual problems. PVE Special Operations: Improved zombie behavior model. Known PvP errors: When you resurrect in some cases, you may experience increased CPU load. Spectator mode: Visual artifacts appear on some screen resolutions when the names of teammates are displayed. In terms of obtaining the achievements of the Weapons series "syndicate" indicated an incorrect value of 10,000 murders. On the main servers it will be increased to 15 thousand. Test conditions the capacity of the PTS is 1000 people at a time, so we ask you not to take a seat on the PTS, if you do not play long, and leave the game. PTS is available for players of all servers in the game center. It is necessary to press the button "copy" in the right block of a page of project "Warface pts". If you cannot use this method, try copying on the game center site. Account owners who are not in the @mail. Ru domain also have the option to play the PTS. To do this, you need to break out of your account in the Game center and choose the item "play under another login." You can copy only one character, and its level should be not lower than the 11th. The character is copied in its current state. Copying a character may take some time (usually a few minutes). You can only copy one time during a character test. Clan creation is disabled. It is impossible to replenish the account on the PTS. Reports of bugs and problems are expected from active test participants. The basgreports should be sent to the discussion topic. If you have experience of serious violations of the rules of the game, TCP will not be available to you from any account. Point of entry to the PTS