Warface. Update on PTS [4 December]
05.12.2018 в 12:45

Warface. Update on PTS [4 December]. An update was installed on the Warface test server, which contains the long-awaited special operation "Sunrise". Rate the novelty yourself by downloading the appropriate version of the client! Very soon there will be other novelties on the PTS: Weapon series, camouflage, new guns and much more. Follow the news on the official website of Warface. Special operation "Voskhod" in the Global Special operation "Sunrise" developers have implemented many new mechanics and game solutions. The following is a brief list. New colorful setting. Storyline continuation of the previous special operation. The new version of the Cyber Enemy is the 2.0. The new boss is a fire thrower. The new threat is poison gas. Cutscene (Screensavers) on the game engine. New mechanics: Use of energy shields; Simultaneous destruction of opponents by players; Covert warfare; Deeper interaction with game objects. New awards. New Year changes the Christmas theme is used in the game menu. The design of the landfill, warehouse and game store updated in accordance with the Christmas theme. "Ammo Kit", "First aid kit" and "repair set" are replaced with New year versions. Maps "Residence", "Siberia", "Hangar" and "Neftebaz" are replaced by New Year versions. The gifts for entering the game are replaced with New Year's items. Other novelties for 10 units increased the number of armor for body armor: "Standard bulletproof vest", "Sniper's bulletproof Vest", "Gladiator", "Atlant", "Gladiator-II". From the game room (lobby to the beginning of the fight) was cleaned team chat. "Signs of return" removed from the boxes of fortune with weapons. "Box with return signs" will disappear from the game client after the upgrade on the battle servers. You will be able to buy "signs of return" for crowns. Updated the image on the boot screen. In the window with individual muzzle information displayed after the critical injury, added the name of the weapon from which the enemy shot. Fixed bugs the visual artifacts and textures of objects are fixed on separate PvP-cards and special operations. The individual PvP maps match the location for the ally's Landing and the on-site animations for the ally's drawdown. In the special operation "Vulkan" fixed a bug, because of which the opponents could be displayed differently for different players. Shotgun Hawk Pump has fixed the synchronization between the shot and the fire particles when shooting in a sub. In the special operation "Eclipse" fixed a bug, because of which the zombies could fall under the ground. On the map "factory" fixed the position where the ascent to the second floor was not foreseen, but actually carried out. In the special operation "icebreaker" fixed the display of the crosshairs of damage when firing on individual turrets. Fixed incorrect display of the scroll bar when it is not required. Fixed an issue where destroying enemies with grenades and mines on some maps might not count towards achievement. Fixed a player not being able to leave the clan if his character is below the 10th rank. Fixed particle display when jumping on water when dust was displayed instead of spray. Fixed a visual artifact when reloading a shotgun grenade launcher. Fixed helicopter sound effects in some PvE missions. Fixed animations for installing and defusing a third-person bomb. Fixed the type of modules for CZ Scorpion EVO A1 in Camouflage "cartel". Known errors the limit of the number of players in the game rooms to less than 16 players is displayed incorrectly. In the special operation "Sunrise" when the charge animation is interrupted, the model с4 hangs in the air. In the special operation "Sunrise" some turrets can ignore the player. In the special operation "Voskhod" it is possible to install mines during interaction with the energy shield. On the final screen after the special operation "Voskhod" fighters appear without weapons in their hands. In special operation "Voskhod" the weapon icon "flamethrower" does not correspond to the truth. In some places in the special operation "Voskhod" there is no localization of the enemy of the Sam and the 2.0. There is no localization of the award case for the passage of special operation "Voskhod". In some cases, after the boss is destroyed in the special Operation Voskhod, the incorrect replica is played. Test conditions the capacity of the PTS is 1000 people at a time, so we ask you not to take a seat on the PTS, if you do not play long, and leave the game. PTS is available for players of all servers in the game center. It is necessary to press the button "copy" in the right block of a page of project "Warface pts". If you cannot use this method, try copying on the game center site. Account owners who are not in the @mail. Ru domain also have the option to play the PTS. To do this, you need to break out of your account in the Game center and choose the item "play under another login." You can copy only one character, and its level should be not lower than the 11th. The character is copied in its current state. Copying a character may take some time (usually a few minutes). You can only copy one time during a character test. Clan creation is disabled. It is impossible to replenish the account on the PTS. Reports of bugs and problems are expected from active test participants. The basgreports should be sent to the discussion topic. If you have experience of serious violations of the rules of the game, TCP will not be available to you from any account. Point of entry to the PTS