Warface. Update on PTS [15 January]
16.01.2019 в 12:02

Warface. Update to TCP [15 January] The Warface test server has an update that contains edits for the previous version of TCP. Check out the list below and rate the changes yourself by downloading the new version of the test client!

The content of the update shown on the PTS may differ from the changes that will be made to the main game servers


  • SAP6:
    • Damage increased to 750 (740)
    • The rate of fire increased to 128 (was-127);
    • Increased recharge rate;
    • Now the unique C-More sight increases the accuracy of the firing from the thigh.
  • FN SCAR ‐ H:
    • Increased limb damage multiplier;
    • Increased recharge rate;
    • Softened recoil at long queues.

Corrected errors

  • Hcar "Yakuza": Fixed a bug that made it impossible to install the "Light silencer" and "lightweight handle" modules on the rifle.
  • Pagoda Map: Fixed an issue where players could get stuck at a certain point on the map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the client to crash if the player's character was over a weapon thrown on the ground at the time of death.

Known bugs

  • In case of creation of a game room less than for 16 players on superfluous slots the icon in the form of a lock is not displayed.
  • Special operation "Sunrise": the player's character on the screen of post-match statistics can be without weapons.

 Test conditions
The minimum rank for entering the PTS is 26th. The capacity of the test server is 1 000 people at a time, so please do not take up space on the server, if you do not play long. PTS is available to users of all servers in the game center. It is necessary to press the button "copy" in the right block of a page of project "Warface pts". If you cannot use this method, try copying the game center site. Account owners who are not on the Mail.ru domain also have the option to play the PTS. To do this, you need to log out of your account in the Game Center and select "Play under another login". The character is copied in its current state. The process will take some time (usually a few minutes). You can only copy one time during a character test. Clan creation is disabled. It is impossible to replenish the account on the PTS. Reports of bugs and problems are expected from active test participants. The basgreports should be sent to the discussion topic. If you have previously seriously violated the rules of the game, you will not be able to get to the PTS from any account.