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Warface. Exchange of credit guns

Warface. Exchange of credit guns. Long wanted to get a serial weapon? With the expectation of sales and extra expenses! Now you can exchange the usual guns with a small surcharge for the credits for serial and vice versa. Details now the exchange of credit guns on their serial analogues is available on our site. You will be able to exchange conventional weapons for analogues of the series "Magma" and "Zombie Killer" (or vice versa) with a surcharge of 500 credits. This is a great opportunity to get the coveted cannon at a bargain price and start earning related game achievements! Also, the offer will interest and the owners of serial weapons-exchanging it for the usual, you can use any camouflage to your liking. Please note that this is a trial run of the service, so the choice of guns for Exchange is limited to only two series. For example, the usual Steyr Scout can be exchanged for Steyr Scout "zombie Killer" with a surcharge, ACR "Magma"-on the non-regular ACR and so on. Complete lists of weapons available for Exchange are presented below, as well as on the Exchange page. Exchange weapons "magma" Exchange Weapons "zombie killer" exchange terms

    You can only exchange weapons from the warehouse in the game. Exchange works only in one server. After exchanging the new gun will replace the old warehouse on the same server. The exchange of weapons is possible both ways-both conventional to serial analog, and vice versa. It is impossible to exchange weapons of one class to weapons of another class (for example, a pistol-machine gun on an assault rifle). It is impossible to exchange weapons of one series on weapons other. For one successful exchange operation on the game account must be at least 500 credits. The surcharge for Exchange is the same in all cases. The new gun will have a strength of 100%, even if the strength of the old was less or greater than this value. You can change the weapon unlimited number of times during the action.


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