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Warface. November Update [November 21]

Warface. November Update [21 November] on the battle servers installed a fresh update: the mode of first-person observer, the improvement of some guns and more! Global event "Syndicate" The Global Event "syndicate" will begin very soon. Its participants will be able to earn a variety of items from the series "Syndicate" (weapons, camouflage and equipment) and "carbon" (weapons, camouflage). You can get new items by actively participating in the game event: increasing your level and completing tasks

Advantageous offer! Only until the end of November every premium customer receives a bonus: CZ 75-Auto (for 14 days), camouflage "cartel" for him (forever) and smoke Grenades "syndicate" (5000 pieces). Additional prizes will be credited to the inventory of the event after its inception weapons series "Syndicate" and "Carbon" series include bright versions of guns from the boxes of luck, progression and range for the Warbucks (including very popular and powerful models), as well as Camouflage to this weapon please note that the Carbon series was found to be too light as a result of the PTS, so the weapon models are waiting for changes in the overall "brightness", glare and reflections intensity. This will happen in one of the following updates. Equipment "Syndicate" a complete set of equipment (universal boots and gloves, as well as 4 class helmets and 4 body armor) will have additional bonuses depending on the number of pieces of the kit. They all have a unique look. CDX-MC KRAKEN in the upcoming event "Syndicate", the owner of this unique sniper rifle will be able to become everyone. It will appear in the Weapons assembly section. Even bulletproof vests, withstanding one hit, will not save enemies from your shot from CDX-MC Kraken! Powerful "chatter" is a successful synthesis of everything that is so loved by snipers: high damage, rapid entry into the aiming mode and exit from it, increased damage to the limbs and a large enough store. In addition, the rifle has the ability to use a silencer and has a unique flame-absorber, increasing the punching ability more than the standard! It will not be without special achievements. For the murder of 10 000 and 25 000 enemies you can get special stripes. SPECTATOR mode realized the long-awaited opportunity to watch the players from the first person (SPECTATOR MODE). Watch the progress of the battle live-now nothing escapes you!

With the principles of work and features of Spectator mode can be found in the announcement of the innovation. Read more. Improved number of guns the following models have been improved: FN FAL DSA-58, Hcar, Fostech Origin-12, Micro-Roni CAA, orsis t ‐ 5000, Bushmaster BA50 and Fabarm XLR5 Prestige. Changes have affected all versions of weapons, including gold. The announcement contains a table of edits for the base and gold versions. Improved additional weapons The following guns have been improved: Rhino 60DS, Desert Eagle, FN Five-SeveN, PYa "Grach", Beretta M93R, Mateba autorevolver, Colt Python Elite, Steyr M9-A1, Browning High Power, Beretta M9 and New Year's clap. Changes have affected all versions of weapons. The table of corrections for base and gold versions of guns can be found in the announcement of changes. Type 97B in the store for the first time on sale-a unique assault rifle type 97B! Previously it could only be obtained during shares and contests. Type 97B has easy-to-controlled recoil and high rate of firing. Also the machine has a unique module-collimator sight Leupold Deltapoint. Change of gifts for entering the game a new standard set of gifts for the first entrance to the game has appeared. Run Warface every day to get weapons boxes and boosters! Note that the progress will begin on the same day that you finished the previous chain. Remember that the three missed days of the visits are zeroed. Other PvP changes: "Royal Battle": the Mojave Map is replaced with the "exclusion zone" map. The completed celebration of Halloween. The "Quarter" and "farm" maps, as well as the music theme, have been replaced with standard options. The gifts for entering the game are replaced by another cycle. The "Dangerous Experiment" special operation is temporarily disabled. In the game appeared camouflage "Kartel" for 5 guns: PKP "Pecheneg", Fabarm S.A.T. 8 Pro, CZ Scorpion Evo3 A1, AX308 and CZ 75-Auto. Cost of repair of festive weapons and equipment having identical original characteristics, is equated to cost of repair of basic versions. For weapons and equipment with different characteristics the cost of repair will remain the same. For part of the arsenal the cost of repair is brought in accordance with the price of repairing a suitable weapon category. The shaders of the glass surface were modified in scopes for more realistic appearance. A working prototype of the Observer mode interface has become available, allowing you to monitor the health and movement of both teams at the same time. The functionality contains only a part of the possibilities and will be finalized in the future. Added a feature that allows you to pause the match. It will be available exclusively on the tournament server and will allow you to temporarily stop the game-to, for example, discuss tactics. Read more. Fixed bugs General fixed the last of the vulnerabilities, which, when using the NVIDIA Inspector program, some players had an unfair game advantage (such cases were isolated, but nevertheless). In case of new data on the use of vulnerabilities, please inform the Support service immediately. Fixed an issue where a player using Push-to-talk mode to communicate in voice chat would not be able to communicate with teammates for a few seconds and sometimes until the end of the round in case of a Sim's death. Fixed errors that caused the client to crash. Fixed errors where players could throw back due to incorrect design levels. "Shop": Fixed some cases of animation of the machine with the boxes of luck. Fixed a problem with restoring armor if it started while running. Fixed an issue where the animation of mine in third-person view was not played. "Training room": fixed sound in the room. Localization: The ban on participation in matches was sometimes overlapped by the text. Localization: Some descriptions have been updated. Localization: Removed the duplicate line in the description of the equipment sets. Chat: Players can no longer send system messages to chat. Weapon Imbel IA2: Fixed an issue where the animation of the gun run was incorrectly interrupted during a first-person jump. SIX12: The bayonet attack animation is synchronized with the actual damage. Browning High Power: The hand attack animation is synchronized with the actual damage. Sickle, Army Knife: handle arms no longer intersect with gloves while running. "Saiga" Spike: Replaced the icon in the box of luck. Remington 870 RAS: reduced the muzzle flame. Fixed visual artifacts on weapon modules in camouflage "cane". Galil AR: The character's hand is no longer crossed with the handle. FN FAL DSA-58: Synchronized sound and reload animation. Stun grenade: Fixed cases where the effect did not work near the wall when throwing grenades with delay. Knife S&W Survival Tanto: The attack animation is synchronized with the flying particles. UZI PRO: Fixed shaking weapons while jumping. Uzkon UNG-12: Fixed animation when abruptly stopped after a jerk (first-person view). Cobray Striker: Added missing textures in first-person view. Kriss Super V: Fixed the animation that is played while jumping with the female outfit. Kriss Super V: Fixed visual artifacts when equipped with SAS appearance. Golden Remington R11 RSASS: Adjusted the firing rate. Fabarm XLR5 Prestige: The firing rate was increased to 190 (170). The range was increased to 6.5 (6). The shooting accuracy in the riflet was increased to 71 (it was 69). The accuracy of the firing from the thigh was increased to 54 (50). PVP "Blitz": "Platform": Fixed some visual problems. "Team Fight": "Quarter (Halloween)": Fixed some visual problems. "Royal Battle": "Exclusion zone": fixed some visual problems on the map; Fixed some cases where Sims could get stuck; Fixed detailing of some trees at low graphics settings. Invisible objects are removed from the map. "Detonation": "Outskirts": fixed the problem, because of which the rails could not make a podkat; Fixed some problems with displaying remote objects. "Detonation": "Bridges": invisible objects are removed from the map; Fixed some problems with displaying remote objects. "Detonation": "Factory": fixed an issue where characters could not jump out of the window; Eliminated some cases where characters could get stuck; Fixed some visual problems. "Capture": "Deposit": Fixed an issue where the character might have fallen after the drawdown. "Detonation": "Destination": Fixed some visual problems. "Detonation": "Palace": Fixed some visual problems. PVE Special Operations: Improved zombie behavior model. Return to contents to successfully log into the game, make sure that the game client is updated to the actual version on November 21, 2018. The update is downloaded when you start Warface automatically. Make sure that the download and installation of the data are not blocked by the anti-virus software. via

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