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Warface. New season "Atlas of War"

Warface. New season "Atlas of War". The season "Atlas of War" has started, in which we have prepared for you activity with excellent equipment and weapons of the series "Atlas". Each player Warface dreams to own these items. The weapon of the series differs by special colouring: it is capable to underline skill and professionalism of the owner! Now you have the opportunity to get the desired outfit, and at once in several ways! Game Shop The assortment of the game shop has replenished with a lot of goods "Atlas". Available 25 items from this series-from camouflage and equipment to excellent models of weapons! However, not all items in the Atlas series are sold in the game store. The most desirable weapons and sets of appearance you can get only in the activities described below. Rating games The new season of RM is already open! Climbing up to the first league, you will be able to get rare items, including the Tactical Axe "Atlas" forever. In addition, each participant is entitled to an individual special offer for the purchase of items "Atlas", including sets of exclusive Exterlalities! The higher the league, the greater the opportunity! Special offers allow you to buy unique items that are not in the direct sale, or get a discount on equipment from the game store. The list of special offers and discount, which will be reduced the price of items in the store, are presented below in the corresponding column of the table of awards for RM. The full list of the Atlas season awards is important!

Special offers are limited in duration: from 1 to 3 days. You can get a special offer only once for the season "Atlas of War" when you reach the desired league, as well as other awards. When you receive a special offer, it appears in the game. Its presence will signal and a special icon next to your nickname in the lower left corner of the game window.

We remind you that you can track your progress on the page in your personal cabinet. Please note: Due to the high load on the search system, the expectation of the match may take several minutes. This is due to the high demand of the new season. Technicians are already studying the situation. Apologize! The "Igmarketeta" Update is glad to announce that the assortment of "igmarketet" has been replenished with the case "Atlas" – it is another way to become the owner of the coveted weapon of the same name series. Do not miss the opportunity to get a cool cannon forever or for a time at a bargain price! "Igromarket" is a unique service offering a wide range of official Warface cases. From them can fall a lot of valuables with the ability to transfer to any game account. Special quests perform simple tasks on a special page-and get a temporary weapon "Atlas" for each class, as well as a special offer for a profitable purchase of these guns and camouflage forever! Competition "Atlas of War" hurry up to 18:00 MSK on November 2 to take part in the contest of Reposts, held our official community. This is a great opportunity to get unique items of the Atlas series to stand out on the battlefield! Prize fund Atlas Weapons for 30 days. Camouflage "Atlas Forever. Atlas looks for 30 days. Also all Warface players are waiting for the increased rewards! The more people make a repost and the more comments the competition has, the longer the rewards in Warface will be increased. The increased rewards will begin on Friday at 19:00 CET, and when finished, it depends on you! Important! In total you can earn up to 96 hours of increased rewards. Via

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