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Warface. New Year Sale

Warface. New Year sale. We have a pleasant surprise for everyone who wants to prepare for the upcoming holidays. For the next 7 days on the special page you will be able to buy at an attractive price Christmas equipment, themed weapons series, objects of appearance and much more! Assortment do not miss the special offer and take away the great goods. Some of them have become available in the game for the first time! The assortment includes: boxes of good luck with the weapons of the series "Pork-Klaus"; Guns Series "Winter", "Buran", "Blizzard", "Angry Santa"; New Year's weapons and equipment; Cannon and camouflage "shine"; Awesome helmets; Polar uniforms for each class; and more! How to buy? Go to the promotion page. Check out the assortment available at the moment. For each position there is a discount-it is not fixed, and over time increases, but at any time the item can disappear, and instead will appear next. Be on the lookout! Select the item. You can mark one position or several (up to 6 maximum). After that the discount counter stops and the price is fixed. Pay for the order. Hurry up, you have 30 minutes to pay! After payment the goods will go to the basket. In case of cancellation or expiry of the payment time, the item is withdrawn from the orders and the discount counter will start from the moment when it was frozen. Please note: Sending good luck boxes to the game is now delayed. Our technicians are already troubleshooting. Apologize! Promotion terms the list of products presented on the page of the promotion, all participants are different and changes over time. For each position there is a discount, it is not fixed and increases over time, but at any time the item can disappear, and instead will appear next. Be on the lookout! If the "interest-free loan" is taken and not expired at the time of payment, the item reserved for the promotion will be paid only after its full repayment by BC. If the player has an expired "interest-free credit", the item purchased by the promotion will be paid for the payment, which will be performed after the loan repayment. Receipt of the balance of credits to the account after repayment of overdue debt on the action "interest-free credit" is not a separate replenishment of the account and does not participate in the action. When you refill your character you automatically become a member of the bonus program Warface, where you can get credit and elite ammunition, game novelties and discounts on services. Frequently asked Questions Q: Can I pay for the order by installments? A: Yes, you can pay for the order in installments, but it is necessary to meet in 30 minutes. In: Can I pay for the goods with credits that are on my game account? A: No, payment must be made with a new delivery. In: Is it possible to pay for the goods via SMS? A: No. In: Can I pay for the order using the "interest-free credit" service? A: No.

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