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Warface. Results of MASTERS LEAGUE and PRO LEAGUE OC14

Warface. Results of MASTERS LEAGUE and PRO LEAGUE OC14. Last week the final stages of two esports tournaments Warface Open Cup: Season XIV-Pro League and Masters League were held. In front of the Wild Card and butt matches, which will be held from 13 to 16 December! You are waiting for exciting fights, broadcasts of which can be seen on all the popular venues.

in Pro LEAGUE 10 strongest teams Warface played 45 matches on the round robin system. Each team met on the battlefield with rivals one time-according to the results of matches accrued points. The first and second place in the League of professionals took the teams AG and "Bezpontov". The winners received a direct quote for the Warface Open Cup: Season XIV LAN final. Congratulati
ns! Eight remaining teams went to the Wild Card II stage, where they will compete with the teams Masters League and Challenge League for four trips to the LAN-final. These matches will be held on December 15 and 16: Prepare to watch broadcasts and cheer for your favorite teams!

UE in MASTERS LEAGUE met 16 promising teams that scored the most points on the results of the last tournament seasons, but not included in Pro LEAGUE. Two teams have received the right to participate in the I games for the slot in Pro League. The rest got a quota for participation in the first stage of the wild card, as well as butt matches II for the slot in the first stage of the wild card and Masters League next season. Congratulations to the par
icipants! For all participants of the tournament there is a special achievement-"recognition of skill".

OPEN CUP: Butt matches and WILD CARD butt
matches I and II will be held on December 13 and 14 – beginning at 19:30 MSK. You can watch the tournament broadcast at all official venues of Warface.

In butt matches I will meet the teams that took 1st and 2nd places in Masters League, as well as the 9th and 10th places in Pro League. The winners will be eligible to participate in the Pro League next season of the Warface Open Cup.

The teams ranked 2nd in each of the four stages of Challenge League, as well as the teams that took the 9th – 12th place in Masters League, will meet in the butt Machtah II. Four winners will continue to fight for the pass to the LAN-finals-they are waiting for the Wild Card!

Infographic of Butt matches

Wild Card I will start at 10:00 CET on December 15, with only one round of participants waiting. On the same day at 12:00 MSK start games Wild Card II, which will continue on December 16 from 12:00 MSK.

In Wild Card I will battle teams that took:

  • 1st-8th place in Masters League;
  • 4 teams ranked first in the Challenge Cup of the current season;
  • 4 teams that won in the second series of butt matches.

Total 16 teams will play matches on the Single Elimination system. This means that the losers leave the tournament, and the best teams will go to the second stage of the Wild Card.

The Wild Card II will determine the four strongest teams that become participants of the LAN-finals. This right will be eligible for:

They will be distributed in the tournament grid according to their achievements during the 14th season of the Warface Open Cup. All games of this stage will be held on the system Double Elimination in the format Best of 3. It means that the losers once the teams fall into the bottom grid, and after the second defeat eliminated from the tournament. The exceptions are the teams that reached the finals.

For the participants of the tournament there is a special achievement-"Last Chance"

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