17.02.2018 в 09:24

Warface. IT IS TO BE FEARED. Any shooter is not just a soldier with a powerful rifle. It sormadi arrows that one shot is able to neutralize the enemy and radically change the situation on the battlefield. He has no right to miss. Frori TV, Winnie Channel, Black Hero – Tony and Roger Dearly with dignity demonstrate their skills.

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Rules of the reception videos
Acceptance of papers takes place in a special discussion in our group in social network “Vkontakte”. Pay attention to a few key points.

Follow the in-game chat or voice. One carelessly thrown (not even you) phrase video may not be in the heading.
When you publish the rollers be sure to allow embedding of the clip on other sites. Videos that cannot be viewed through the website Warface, again, the section will not fall.via