Warface. ERROR CORRECTION: INFORMATION RETRIEVAL. With every update you are viewing an impressive list of fixes and improvements made to the game. Optimization of the client and resolving bugs is permanent, and it certainly gives off. However, some errors manifest themselves only in very rare circumstances. Can you help in finding and eliminating such bugs!
At the moment developers are particularly interested in information about a number of problems, which are difficult to identify, and repeat. All of them are listed. If you can help with identifying these bugs, they arise for you or your friends — please report about it, attaching the right information. The authors of the bug reports that help developers in the immediate solution of the problem, will receive a nice prize!

Right now we especially need data for the following game errors:

1. In the middle East PvE operations in the second stage to loop back the voice of the AI fighters.

2. In the African missions and the helicopter appears only its propeller. The machine body is thus invisible.

3. A common problem of all the battles: sometimes the player has the ability to see through objects (not drawn).

4. In a special operation “Volcano” on stage 10 does not appear to be AI opponents and disappears energy barrier.

5. PvP General: room leader offline while browsing, the leader is retained.

6. On the map “Tower”, the player falls through the texture.

7. After tipping the player loops the sound of firing the main weapon.

8. The blending room loading in the match. At boot appears a lot of players, after loading them in the battle becomes much smaller, but after the match when voting for the next map appears more players than there are in the room. The next time you load the player enters the already active combat.

9. Incorrect balance in the rooms of the “Quick game”. The significant superiority of one side (for example, 3 to 8, 4 to 7, etc.).

10. In PvE-missions in the level “Difficult” not always there “Thunder”.

11. In a special operation “Icebreaker” player falls in textures in ventilation shafts.

12. In the Brazilian PvE missions do not always receive the “Thunder”.

13. In PvE missions in the middle East is sometimes lost Juggernaut.

14. Sometimes with an increase in rank not given the award.

15. The medic cannot use the kit for self-treatment.

16. In the operation “Black shark” players remain in the Elevator on the previous floor.

17. In the RAID, “Anubis” in the final stages, the player hangs in the air.

0. Will inform you what kind of error will be discussed!

1. Detailed steps to reproduce the error. For example: special action XXX, stage X, 5 players if the medic comes to the point X (screenshots points from several sides) and fires his gun, he falls into the texture (screenshots from the failure).

2. A video demonstration of the problem or a series of screenshots. It is desirable that the video was short, but it was possible to clearly identify the time and location of the error. If you can’t trim the video and publish the full record of the passage, indicate the exact time the right moment.

3. The logs from the game client.

Leave your bug reports you can in a special technical support section. Instructions for completing the report form can be found at the same link.

Below, we want to answer some of the questions are sure to remain with many of you.

Why do errors occur?

The more complicated the game and more content the more there are and problems. Small bugs are a natural part of the evolution of any project.

How is testing and why it leaves you with the problem?

Each version of the game is an internal test and after it goes to PTS. There are errors that do not manifest themselves on these stages. Why is this happening? Players — millions, and each situation is essentially unique. Test all combinations of factors and events when testing is simply impossible. For example, the error occurs rarely, the conditions of its manifestation is very specific. It is with such bugs raises the most problems in their determination and resolve.

The bug is known to the players, why not eliminate it?

To resolve the error, the usual messages about it, usually not enough. Developers need a certain set of information by which they will determine the failing item: sometimes it’s a video series of screenshots, a full description of the occurrence and characteristics of PC and connection to the player, almost always logs the client. If this information is not to repeat the mistake does not work, search this bug turns into a needle in a haystack.

How quickly errors are corrected?

The timing of repair depends on several parameters: criticality of the error, the number of its manifestations and complexity of the work on elimination. Critical and blocking bugs seriously affecting the game process, are eliminated as quickly as possible, they may be blocked by a patch or a hotfix.

Error the removal of which takes some time, but they are clearly identified and quite critical, is corrected in the next update.

If the problem facing a small number of players, as a result of its appearance there are no significant losses or impact on the game is minimal and requires substantial resources, the fix goes into the category of long-term and appears in the game for several updates.

Sometimes edits do not trigger fully, and to the final eliminating errors may require several steps of corrections.

We will collect information in a few weeks. The exact timing will depend on the received data and the amount of work to correct.via

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