Warface. CRACK THE VAULT BLACKWOOD! Coming updates, and this is a great opportunity to give your favorite game more time. Going into battle, choose the best equipment. And don’t worry about the cost of the equipment, with a new promotion credits will be enough for all!

1. Go to the promotions page.

2. Open cells.

3. Get bonuses for payment.

How it works
All in game four levels. On each of them you will find 7 of the cells that you have open. The cell may be in for a bonus payment, a “Super prize” or “Losing.”

The results of all successfully completed levels will be summarized.

Consider a few examples:

1. On the first level you receive a bonus of 2%, second 11%, the third 16%, and the fourth of 19%. In the end, these indicators will develop and you will get a bonus of 48% of the payment.

2. On the first level you receive a bonus of 3%, the second 12%, and the third you had to “Lose” and your game is over. In this case, you will receive a bonus payment equal to the sum of the first two levels, i.e. 15%.

Compatible browsers
IE V9+/ Edge
Firefox V31+
Chrome V31+
Safari V8
Opera V12 +
Safari iOS 8.4
Mozilla V40
Chrome for Android V42

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