Warface. CONGRATULATIONS WITH THE DAY OF DISTANT AIRCRAFT! 23 December in Russia celebrates the Day of distant aircraft of the air force.
The prototype of all modern heavy aircraft was “Russian Vityaz”, the world’s first four-engine plane, which marked the beginning of heavy air. Wooden giant could accommodate up to 7 people, had a wingspan of 27 meters and weighed nearly five tons.
His younger brother, “Ilya Muromets” became the world’s first passenger plane and the first heavy bomber that entered service with Russia at the beginning of the First world war. A squadron of such aircraft were formed in the Russian army 23 Dec 1914 by decree of Emperor Nicholas II. This date is considered the day of creation of the Russian long-range aviation.

Today’s long-range aviation is part of the Russian nuclear triad, along with submarines and missiles. It is based on the best military bombers-rocket carriers Tu-160 MS, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3. It is a powerful and fast machine, equipped with missiles with nuclear warheads and are capable of long Intercontinental flights.

The most famous and modern of them is the supersonic Tu-160 MS, the “White Swan”. Russia now has 16 such aircraft, each of them has its own name.

Tu-95 MS old man compared to the “White Swan” — 50 years in the ranks. This legendary turboprop bomber, the fastest propeller aircraft in the world. The longest nonstop flight Tu-95 MS was 42 hours. For comparison: 100 years ago the world record for flight duration was only 1 hour and 54 minutes, and made him the pioneer of all heavy aircraft, “Russian Vityaz”.

For a century the technology has seriously stepped forward. Modern cars travel through the heavens at supersonic speeds and remain airborne for as long as the creators of the first models couldn’t imagine. Not only changing people and their dedication to these iron birds. Today we congratulate all those involved in the celebration of the Day of long-range aviation, and we wish them clear skies overhead!

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