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With the next update, the “Destruction” mode will replenish with a new card – “Studio”. This time, the action will unfold on the set in the scenery of the special operation “Mars”. Was the mission on the Red Planet a hoax? Find out soon!


The mode for the new map was not chosen by chance – “Destruction” exists in Warface from the very beginning of the game. However, it turned out to be too niche, because of which today in the “Destruction” most often there are either players performing tasks for a global event, or those who decided to nostalgic.

The reason for the low popularity of the regime lies in its basic rules – the winning team gains an advantage, since with each stage the losing side loses passages and key positions to protect the capture point. The imbalance is obvious: for those who lose, it becomes more difficult to recoup, and the winning team has all the advantages, so the outcome of the battle in most cases is predetermined.

To increase the popularity of Destruction, as well as to make the gameplay more interesting and balanced, the basic rules of the regime will be changed in the Studio card. Now the advantage in the form of new passes and advantageous positions will be gained not by the winner, but by the losing side, which means that the latter will have more chances to take revenge.

Defining the setting of the “Studio”, the development team wanted to move away from the usual scheme, when the scene was chosen based on a geographical region. At the same time, there remained a desire to use the Martian setting, but how to send fighters without spacesuits to the Red Planet? So it was decided to take as a basis the interior of the film studio with decorations from the Martian mission.

Before creating a new map, the developers visited real film studios, and also studied insider data from military base No. 51 in Nevada – functional diagrams and photographs.

The map is a film set with many relevant attributes, such as professional equipment, scenery, large green screens, known as “chromakey”, and the like. The atmosphere is complemented by the use of pyrotechnics instead of the classic ones for the airstrike mode, as well as cinematic voice commands during the battle.


As already mentioned above, the Studio will differ in gameplay from the previous cards of the Destruction mode – new passes and advantageous positions will open at the losing team.

The map is divided into several zones, the main of which is the “Core”, located in the center of the location. It is here that the most fierce battles will take place for the opportunity to activate pyrotechnic charges. After the first stage of the capture, the losing team will open up a convenient sniper position on the hill, which will allow more efficient control of open areas and exit from the Kernel. And after the second stage of destruction – access to the second floor of the “Core”, which will make the gameplay even more intense.

On the one hand from the Kernel there is an extended sandy area that is best suited for snipers and attack aircraft, and on the other, the scenery of Martian greenhouses where engineers and doctors can prove themselves.

We will inform you additionally about the launch date of the TCP, where you can try out the Studio card. Be sure to leave your review – your opinion is important to us!

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