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Warface. Coming soon: SAI GRY AR-15

In the upcoming patch Arsenal stormtroopers replenished with new SAI rifle GRY AR-15. What this weapon is different from others? We will tell you!


Assault rifle GRY SAI AR-15 — the development of Salient Arms International. The weapon comes with a unique patented module JailBrake, which simultaneously combines the properties of a muzzle brake and flash suppressor. The module is easily removed and, if desired, can be replaced.

SAI GRY AR-15, of course, interested shooters who want to get reliable and easy to handle weapon, suitable for a wide range of combat missions. The rifle is available in two variants, which differ in the length of the barrel. Located on the body of a few planks Picatinny rail that allows you to install sights and other modules.


Warface SAI GRY AR-15 will become available after you unlock the Armory in the vendor branch. This will require a lot of time, effort and almost 500,000 points. This experience is not tied to the rifle, and to order the opening of the legendary guns: the first gun of this level requires 300 000 points, the second — 450 000, the third about 500,000. Ie if the rifle will begin to open before “Saiga” and AT308 then unlocking will need only 300 000 points.

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Special attention deserves the package rifles for the available large number of modules, including a unique flash suppressor, which increases the accuracy and adds a special firing animation.

The date of the PTS, where you can see the rifle GRY SAI AR-15, we will inform you additionally.source

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