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Warface. COMING SOON: FN FAL DSA 58. In the next update Arsenal stormtroopers replenished rifle FN FAL DSA 58. It is a shortened version of the legendary Belgian FN FAL equipped with a Picatinny rail for mounting attachments. Currently, it is produced by the American firm DS Arms specifically for the police.
This weapon comes with a unique tactical grip DSA-58, significantly increases the accuracy of shooting from the hip by a laser designator.
The Belgian assault rifle FN FAL, along with a Kalashnikov and M16 is one of the most common models of automatic small arms. In different countries there are a lot of modifications. One of the most popular “clones” FN FAL was a DSA 58 version, produced in USA by company DS Arms.

This version of the rifle designed for police needs, has shortened 11-inch barrel, a RIS handguard and a Picatinny rail on the cover of the receiver. The pistol grip is replaced by more ergonomic. Uses cartridges of caliber 7,62×51 NATO fire modes — automatic and single.

FN FAL is in fact not assault, but automatic rifle. During the operation it proved to be relatively reliable and hardy weapon. Despite the emergence of more modern weapons in its tactical niche time-proven FN FAL remains effective. It takes 5-th place in the ranking of the ten best rifles and machine guns of the XX century by the Military Channel.

For more information about this rifle will be discussed in one of the following editions of “the Armory”.


In-game FN FAL DSA 58 tactical comes with a unique handle DSA-58, significantly increases the accuracy of shooting from the hip by a laser designator. Also the rifle has ammo that deals extra damage to the limbs and additional damage at long range.

Use the new module. Thanks to the laser, aiming from the hip easier (due to the increased parameter precision shooting), but in dark rooms the bright red beam may also give the enemy your position. It is worth noting that it does not blind the enemies when you move and does not indicate the exact entry point, giving a General idea of the direction of flight of the bullet.

Golden version of the weapons will have increased the pace and accuracy of shooting from the hip, as well as a bigger shop.

This rifle will appeal to fans of PvP, due to its high damage and great range, it will allow you to destroy enemies from a safe distance. To FN FAL DSA 58 can be from boxes of luck for the loans.

The date of the PTS, where you can see the FN FAL DSA 58, will be announced later. Characteristics of the weapons shown on the test server may differ from the performance characteristics that fall on the main game servers.

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