Warface. COMING SOON: CARD “RESIDENCE (NEW YEAR)”. The next update of the familiar to all players of the map “Residence” will be transformed for the holidays.
The house was decorated with colourful garlands and Christmas gifts, and the entire surrounding area is covered with fluffy snow and decorated with Christmas trees and snowmen. Among such beauty will surely want to stay longer! We are confident that the new year’s location will impress beginners and veterans Warface.
Visit the forest residence of Oberon’s white — and let’s burn it to the ground! From luxurious mansion being a hacker attack, so such a valuable data store to be destroyed.
A common approach to battle tactics remained unchanged.

In the Central room with the explosives. The territory is quite extensive: a lot of passages and stairs, narrow circuitous corridors and open spaces. There are several ways to the main point which the enemy will try to get to the explosives. This is a great place for an ambush! Pay special attention to the key points — try to occupy them before the enemy.

Festive version of the card for the next month will replace conventional like fighting in the “Blitz”, and ranked matches.

New year’s “Residence” is already available on the test server of the game. Be sure to rate the map and leave your feedback in the special forum topic! Your opinion is important to us!
The entry point on PTS

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