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Warface. Coming soon: Bushmaster BA50

In the upcoming patch Arsenal of snipers supplemented the large-caliber sniper rifle Bushmaster BA50.

Thanks to the ammo caliber .50 BMG in most cases the enemy will be neutralized after the first hit — in the middle distance, not even the most modern gloves and boots.


Bushmaster BA50 — the development of an American arms company Bushmaster Firearms International. The first version of this rifle was released in 2009, and in 2014 at an arms exhibition Shot Show was presented an updated modification ВА50.
The rifle uses ammunition caliber — .50 BMG ammunition, which left no chances of survival. Thanks to its good ergonomics, sophisticated design and three-chamber muzzle brake, the recoil of the rifle is extinguished before the performance of the weapon under the cartridge of conventional caliber, such as .243 Win.
Interestingly, complete Bushmaster BA50 supplied protective accessories for eyes and ears. This fact clearly indicates that the rifle is not suited for covert operations, and prednaznachena for open and ruthless extermination of the enemy.


Warface rifle Bushmaster BA50 is available in boxes of luck for the loans along with my gold version. Its performance characteristics in many respects it is similar to the ORSIS T-5000: having wonderful precision, devastating damage and the high probability to kill the enemy even when hitting a limb, the Bushmaster is superior to the Russian counterpart in the firing range and clip size. However, this rifle is inferior to the possibilities of modification of the modules can only be replaced by sight. But it is important with the fifty caliber ammunition?
The gold version of the weapon will not only set you apart from other fighters, but will vary more than high rate of fire and two extra rounds in the magazine. In addition, if on the way to meet a zombie, they will have hard times, because the damage on this enemy type is increased by 250%!

The date of the PTS, where you can see the sniper rifle Bushmaster BA50, we will inform you additionally.

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