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Warface. BUSHMASTER BA50 again in the store

Warface. BUSHMASTER BA50 again in the store. The Bushmaster BA50 Large-caliber rifle is returned to the store. Thanks to the caliber cartridges. 50 BMG the opponent will be neutralized after the first hit. "One shot-one corpse"-just about this gun! Please note that in the November update, the weapon was improved: the minimum damage was increased and the damage multiplier on the extremities was raised. Information boxes of fortune with this sniper rifle are available at standard prices: 60/58/56/54/52 credits. Please note: You have a chance to get weapons from the boxes of luck both for good and for a while. With the proper luck you can get a gold version of the weapon from the boxes. Items received forever will need to be repaired. The cannon will disappear from the game store on December 17. Achievement of course, all the shooters are waiting for achievements that can be obtained during the hunt. Players who hit 10 000 and 25 000 enemies will receive the "Heavy Artillery I" and "heavy artillery II" achievements, while neutralizing 999 opponents from the gold version of the rifle, "the Burning Flame". Via

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