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Warface. BUSHMASTER BA50 IN THE STORE. In store returns large-caliber rifle Bushmaster BA50. Thanks to the ammo caliber .50 BMG, the enemy will be neutralized after the first hit. “One shot — one kill” — just about this gun!

Box have fun with this sniper rifle available at the standard prices: 60/58/56/54/52 loans.
Please note:
you have the chance to get the weapons from boxes of luck, like forever, and on time;
with proper luck you can get a gold version of the weapons from boxes;
items received forever, will need to be repaired;
Bushmaster BA50 will disappear from the game store on February 12.
Still not sure? Watch as shows this gun in action!

Of course, all sharpshooters are waiting for the achievements that can be obtained in the process of hunting. Players that hit 10 000 and 25 000 enemies will receive the achievement “Heavy artillery I” and “Heavy artillery II”, and neutralize the 999 enemies of a gold version of the rifle ― “Striking flame”. “Striking flame”.

Treat yourself to a refined iridescent camouflage OpenCup: Season XII for this sniper rifle!

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