Warface. About locking offenders
06.06.2017 в 09:39

Many of you regularly ask about updates of the protection system and asked to publish reports about locks violators. We have reported before, why do we not share details. Today we would like to tell you about it again.


Over the past month we have established 6 major updates to the system for the protection of the game and made a few changes to the client on the level of development.


Also last month we learned how to detect and block more than 40 types of banned. Many accounts were blocked and now the number of violations has decreased. A significant number of species forbidden FOR stopped working altogether or is undergoing change and is not available to players, either when using it there is an instant blokirovka account. This shows the effectiveness of the activities conducted.

In the latest update introduced an amendment to the inability to work certain types of cheats. On current calculations, this unit will work for a very long time, if not permanently, because the ban created based on client-server.


Each notification about the update on the website equally huge red flag for producers banned BY: “shut Chita, updated, study, lay low”! Of course, the game is quite long you can stay “clean”, but part of the offenders remain unpunished, and the release of an update cheats is accelerating.
In addition, we have complicated techniques of locks violators include some randomization blocking time after the detection part of the threat. As a result, we were able to detect and punish a lot of players who were very cautious and hiding from penalties.

For example, earlier they used to first test accounts to check for instant lock, but we tracked these actions have marked such account and put the lock and after a short time in the trap was already the main accounts of the violators.


It is worth noting that the vast majority of players after receiving the first punishment does not violate more rules, even creating a new account. Having lost access to results of their efforts, the soldiers are disappointed in the “dark way” and understand that the risk was not worth the result.

“Hardened criminals” is very small, and a considerable part of them — those who benefit from violations. For example, directly distributes prohibited BY money or offers players to benefit at the expense of the band, the violators. These people deliver the most inconvenience honest players, and they are our main aim.

So once again we remind you: play fair and do not succumb to the “enticing” offers of suspicious persons. You risk your account and all achievements.


Soon the team of the protection system MRAC will be further strengthened. New specialists will be engaged in especially complex types are prohibited, for indicating which always requires a lot of effort.

Every day our specialists monitor the network resources, which laid out a fresh version of the cheats, and always in the loop. They promptly study all the materials and develop the means of resistance. We will continue to fight to improve our methods and developing new ones, to make the game as comfortable as possible for all honest men.

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We would like to thank the players who do not commit violations, but produce different closed versions and send them to support. Some of these “packages” are very useful. Thank you for standing guard!

Nice game.

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