The market of budget smartphones heats up in South Korea -

The market of budget smartphones heats up in South Korea

The market of budget smartphones heats up in South Korea. SEOUL, 29 Dec – the Budget smartphone manufacturers strengthen their range in the South Korean market, announced on Friday, industry sources in a bid to attract consumers looking for cheaper options in the new year.
Samsung Electronics Co. plans to release a 5.6 inch Galaxy A8 6-inch Galaxy A8 Plus in January
which retain many of the best features of high end devices Samsung, such as mobile payment system Samsung Pay.

The price of the device estimated to be around 600,000 won (us $ 560 USA), which is significantly below the 1.09 million Won for the high-end Galaxy Note 8, released in September.
Samsung said that the Galaxy A8 is the first Galaxy device, which is equipped with two lenses on the front panel. Products will be shipped with 16-megapixel and 8-megapixel camera for selfie as well as basic 16-megapixel camera on the back.

It is also the first product Galaxy A to support virtual reality devices Samsung Gear VR.
LG Electronics Inc., South Korean rival Samsung will present its mobile K10 next month. A new device that is expected to be fired at 300 000 won and 400,000 won, supports mobile payment platform LG LG Pay.

Foreign firms are also taking steps to more deeply penetrate into the South Korean market which is largely dominated by Samsung, Apple and LG – with relatively affordable devices.

Chinese manufacturers of smartphones also penetrate into the Korean market with a variety of budget smartphones in partnership with local mobile operators and retailers.

The largest manufacturer of phones in China, Huawei, this month presented its Be Y Phone 2 together with the local Korean mobile operator KT to make it available only for local users. Lightweight model of the flagship smartphone Huawei P10 Lite features a 5.2-inch display, fingerprint scanner and with function of fast charging.

Another Chinese firm Xiaomi also introduced their budget phone Mi A1 in partnership with local Korean retailer G-mobi Korea. Mi A1 is 299 000 won ($ 279) has a 12-megapixel dual camera and a fingerprint scanner.

Chinese tech giant TCL has released BlackBerry KEYOne Black Edition in the local market in the beginning of this month, which comes with 4.5-inch display and a physical QWERTY keyboard printed with Korean alphabet. Factory price of the device is over 583,000, while the discounts reach 250 000 won, which are available depending on the monthly plans.

According to industry observers, technical companies will pay more attention to the inexpensive but high-quality smartphones in the increasingly competitive global smartphone market.

Samsung and LG’s new budget smartphones, according to forecasts, will present at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show early next year.

Samsung and LG used sales plans, focused on the flagship model, but they seem to change their strategy, increasing the range of smartphones to cover the entire population of customers, said Joo Dae-young, a researcher at the Korea Institute for industrial Economics and trade.

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