The Iranian athletes will receive a Samsung phones without any conditions

The Iranian athletes will receive a Samsung phones without any conditions. GANGNEUNG, South Korea, February 9 – the Organizers of the Olympic winter games in PyeongChang said Friday that he decided to provide the free smartphone Samsung for Iranian athletes without the condition that they return to the backdrop of an impending sentiment against Samsung in Tehran.

“The international Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to allow provision of smartphones Galaxy Note 8 four Iranian athletes without the condition to return them”, – said the employee of the organizing Committee PyeongChang Olympic and Paralympic winter games 2018.

The decision apparently came on the backdrop of an impending sentiment against Samsung in Iran after reports that their athletes will not be to smartphones.

UN sanctions prohibit North Korea and Iran luxury items or devices that can potentially be used for military purposes.

Samsung Electronics has provided about 4,000 units of the Olympic version of the Galaxy Note 8 for all athletes and officials national Olympic committees visiting Pyeongchang-gun. 22 North Korean and four Iranian athlete will participate at the Winter games in 2018..

The Ministry of foreign Affairs Tehran on Thursday summoned the Ambassador of South Korea in Iran, demanding from Seoul and Samsung apology.
The South Korean tech giant is the worldwide Olympic partner.

The North Koreans still do not have smart phones.

In a statement provided to the News Agency Agency on Thursday, the IOC said it asked the North Koreans to return after awarding a free phone at the end of the event.

“As for North Korea, all participants are requested not to return the phone to his native country, and to use them only during your stay in PyeongChang because it is required for participation in the Games,” said IOC.

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But another official said the North Koreans still refuse to accept smartphones.

“It was confusion, as the IOC and the organizers had to consider the legal issues of the provision of the smartphone Galaxy Note 8 athletes from countries under international sanction,” said an official from the organizing Committee, apologized to Samsung for the fact that he was convicted, despite his good intentions.

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