Samsung SDI started to develop without cobalt battery -

Samsung SDI started to develop without cobalt battery

Samsung SDI started to develop without cobalt batteries. Samsung SDI, the leading battery manufacturer in South Korea, started the research and development of batteries without cobalt as a development strategy against rising prices for cobalt in the long term, it said in a statement on Monday.
The recent increase in the price of cobalt has become a major headache for developers of batteries around the world, which is the main material for lithium-ion batteries, according to the firm.

The world price of cobalt increased by 34 600$. Dollars per ton in January 2017, reaching prices 81 $ 360. USA this year that was 235% due to the ongoing war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the largest country that produces cobalt, are among reasons for increase taxes and increase demand for electric vehicles.
Samsung SDI to cope with the rising price of materials, working with suppliers and customers as a short term measure.

However, the company believes that it will take a long-term strategy for the production of cobalt through in-depth research and development.

“Our new center of research and development aimed at significantly reducing the use of cobalt through the development of new materials, – said a senior official of the company.

In addition to the current efforts of the company to halve the use of cobalt in batteries by about 20 percent due to the increase in the proportion of Nickel, Samsung SDI will begin research to develop without cobalt batteries.
The Korean firm has developed a technology to reduce the content of cobalt in batteries up to 5 percent by expanding the use of Nickel for more than 90 percent.

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