Samsung is betting on QLED TVs in 2018 -

Samsung is betting on QLED TVs in 2018

Samsung Electronics announces the era of 8K video with the introduction of its premium TVs in 2018.

Samsung is betting on QLED TVs in 2018. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last month, the company showed a TV with 8K resolution Q9S, which is equipped with artificial intelligence that can learn to update the low-resolution video to the quality of 8K.
As soon as the TVs will be released on the broader market, they can provide 8K resolution even with content that was not designed with high resolution.

Currently, the resolution of 8K is the best level ultra-high definition, is available. It creates realistic images with such small pixels, they cannot be seen even from a close distance.

“Despite the fact that the market is currently awash with a growing number of displays capable of very high resolution, for example 8K, many viewers can not fully enjoy a quality due to the lack of available high-resolution content,” reads the release of the Samsung.
The ability of TV to create 8K images is a step to promote not only high resolution videos but also additional applications such as three-dimensional video without glasses and support the content of the virtual reality.

In addition to the existing led TVs with quantum dots, artificial intelligence, this year Samsung has promised a line of premium TVs, which greatly improved the basic elements of previous models – for example, displaying black.

QLED technology works by placing quantum dots, which produce color more efficiently than the previous technology using white LEDs and color filters in front of the backlight.

Before QLED TVs were less able to create true black color than OLED TVs with individual illuminated pixel, because the light from the backlight leaking between the quantum dots.

However, TVs 2018 overcame this problem by using a local illumination algorithm, which illuminates only the areas that need to be addressed. The TVs are also equipped with a layers of black and anti-glare filters to improve image quality at any angle.
“QLED TVs are quickly gaining popularity in the field of recognition and sales in the world market after the release in the first quarter of last year,” – said the official representative of Samsung at the conference, announcing the fourth quarter results. “We plan to strengthen our lineup of QLED and conduct of different global marketing strategies to expand sales.”

In addition to QLED, Samsung will stick to a bilateral strategy with the QLED and the new technology of Micro LED. Instead of using the backlight, micro-led displays combine red, green and blue LEDs in the individual pixels to maximize the resolution and size as shown on “The Wall”, 146 inches (371 cm) TV premium are shown at CES.

“We still failed to increase the size of LCD TVs. Most of the large LCD TV was 65 inches and 75 inches, but the micro led TVs can cope with the problem of size, ” – said at a press conference at CES 2018, the President of Bombardier business display Samsung Electronics Han Chung-Hee.

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