OGSE Guide to the Passage
05.12.2018 в 04:36

OGSE Guide to the passage. Continue practicing OGSE Here are collected some ideas, notes, hints and other trivia that will help to get more fun from the gameplay, because the MoD itself, as I made clear in the review, far from perfect. For example, passing OGSE as an experienced player, I managed to shut off several interesting third-party quests, and some just buggy. In addition, at the time of writing, I did not pass the game until the end, so that there will be no special story spoilers. So, let's start! Opening the inventory, you can go ahead, and even run, if you press the run! However, running is reset when the equipment changes. First aid kits now do not restore life at once, so instead of them you can use three or four pieces of the artifact "Red Star". However, you will have to carry a large enough supply of food. Bones for a musician lie not in the house, and are hidden around it-in a chimney, in a car, in a transformer and between branches of a tree. Caches are very difficult to find, because the radius of interaction with them is ridiculously small, and you need to deal with almost a pixel-hantingom. Screenshots enclosed (everywhere, except the pipe-there is the most obvious place). Near the bunker of Sidorovic there is a house (outside of the camp of newcomers), where two brothers of Shchukins sit. Their quest will allow you to find a very useful artifact, "Cheburachka", which will help pass the most popular quests in the game, like helping cleaners in the hollow. Run this quest you need at once, because if you pass the game further, you can quarrel with the bandits kulgany that will make the quest impassable, and in one of the cases would spawn an immortal hostile NPCs. That, however, is only a bleed, but theoretically able to clean up the whole base of newbies! On the task of cleaners-once in a spatial trap at a gas station in the hollow, you need to clean the safe. The code is 7692. It is possible to learn this from the inside only with the help of Cheburushki, as I understood, these figures are written outside the building. The grey artifact disturb to the waist-the anomaly will collapse. If you quarrel with the duty during the task of the cleaners, in addition to the four soldiers in front of the refueling will appear three masters in the exoskeletons and with the machine guns. The soldier can be relatively easily drawn from the viewing window near the safe, but the Masters will have to lure. The award of cleaners-either 18000 rubles, or SVU-A and 40-year cartridges, or Shesh-kukish, if you request artifacts, or… 8000 rubles, M-16 and 120 cartridges, if you ask for anything. Lesnik Zakharitch in the hollow gives riddles-opens a hint at the Khabar, not marked on the map. The caches appear only after the tip is given. Khabar is very, very generous, in one there was a beer for 40 kilograms, in another-at once two tentacles bloodsuckers, and so on. Almost all riddles on arithmetic and equations, school level. Here is a part of the answers to them: Stalkers will peel potatoes 70 minutes 3 goose was in a flock of grass mowed 8 stalkers in the pockets were 5 and 7 rubles Amyebe divided 59 minutes Zahyychu 66 years in a riddle with an eagle 36 geese stalkers will cross in 6 days 9 full of blood suckers neutral dosta will be 503 tablets newbie would be booze 35 days the artifact will cost 200 rubles cats 8 pieces 30 cats devour thirty rats in three minutes the controller has 4 fingers Sakharov treats zombifikaciju for goldfish, so it is recommended to always keep three or four in the locker in Its bunker (the information is not confirmed personally by me). The entrance to the caves of Agroproma is located here: Laboratory in the hollow on the job Sakharov is in the railway tunnel, in the western half. To get there, as I understand, you can only jump on the beams of the east. Attention! A little further in the tunnel in the east is a pair of bloodsuckers, and at the entrance to the laboratory-a supervisor and several mummified citizens with PKM. The Freedom Commander is very generous in rewarding missions, with some allowing up to 450 rounds for the machine gun, a lot of Bipsizon and D-IX. If you quarrel with "debt", the bar will go much harder. There are several ways to get around this, even if the quarrel occurred. After the tagged becomes "Svoboda", opens the transition from Agroproma to military warehouses, directly to the base. If you go from the wild territory and warehouses, the bar is now two ways. One still guards the post of "debt", and the second is just to the south, meters in a hundred of the post. It is not guarded by anyone-and given the features of the system of detecting enemies, you can run in front of them absolutely without problems. With the passage to the landfill is more difficult-from her side to run almost unreal, but from bar to there-no problem! Go along the right wall from the entrance to the wild territory, go south until it stops, turn left. Go forward until you are in a fence that separates you from the duty checkpoint that protects the entrance from the mutants. On the right there will be stairs. Climb there and run on the right side until the transition. Or, as an option, use the services of a conductor. There are only two or three of them per game. One is near the entrance to the bar, next to the descent. It is easy to distinguish it by Berilla-M. Another one appears after passing the X-16 in the Sakharov bunker. One transition will cost from 3 to 6 thousand rubles, and you can move almost anywhere, including Losschina.