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LG has patented a foldable smartphone with three screens

LG has patented a foldable smartphone with three screens. The South Korean tech company LG has successfully obtained a patent for tridipanel design smartphone from the world intellectual property organization. The patent application was filed for review in December 2014, but the application has just received approval in November last year.

The patented device is depicted in the sketches accompanying this post, and it is shown that it consists of three parts that look thin and can be rolled out as flyers. The display consists of three different displays. One of them, the main screen is in the middle and is equipped with a physical Home button located below the display. The second and third screens, side, lie on the main display, and easily fell apart.

Three displays can be used for multi-tasking during a full scan, and it is believed that one screen can function when the other two will be closed. Three screens can also be used as one large single display, but the aspect ratio will be slightly elongated. All screens are touch. No more details.

We do not expect that soon will find this patent on a commercial smartphone. The closest thing we have seen is M Axon, which was presented last year and really can’t be called top-end smartphone

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